Leading for Business

Thousands of leaders and managers across Cumbria can testify to the impact of the Centre for Leadership Performance in fulfilling its aim of developing Cumbria's leaders for today and tomorrow through innovative and challenging programmes and activities.

2440 Cumbrian leaders developed

The figures speak for themselves with more than 2,940 leaders and managers from Cumbrian businesses and organisations engaged in development activity.

That activity has included 18 Masterclasses with headline-grabbing speakers to enlighten, educate and inform almost 2,119 attendees.

More than 44 short courses organised by the Centre have delivered training and development across a wide spectrum of different areas to more than 612 delegates.

The Centre has in addition worked closely with companies and organisations to tailor activity specifically to meet their needs with 45 bespoke leadership interventions.

The business of developing Cumbria's leaders must address the needs of today and tomorrow so the Centre has also worked to engage young people with the world of industry and commerce. More than 2,000 Cumbria schoolchildren have so far been involved with innovative programmes such as Bright Stars which challenge them to run their own businesses from the classroom. Read more...

Giving sixth form students the chance to sample business at the highest levels led to 380 of them being involved in Dream Placement — and a lucky 37 finally winning through to rub shoulders with Cumbria's top employers. Read more...

Going forward the Centre for Leadership Performance will continue to develop Cumbrian Leaders for Today and Tomorrow ... working with leaders already in place and nurturing the county's young talent through the continuing programme of events, courses and bespoke interventions for companies across the county.

The expected step change in nuclear expenditure to £1 billion over the next few years has focused particular attention on the nuclear supply chain in West Cumbria.

The Centre is working in partnership with clients, providers and intermediary bodies to support West Cumbrian firms aiming to win nuclear business, with additional initiatives being developed for SMEs, Tier 2s and other stakeholders in the West Cumbrian supply chain. To get involved in the development stage of our supply chain offer please contact al.wilson@cforlp.org.uk.

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