Arlecdon Primary School

W/B — 9/1/17

We hit the ground running this week. We started our week off with a group discussion to help produce a mind map of our ideas for how we going to turn our £50 into a small fortune. In the middle of the week we had a visit from Martin who told us all about the company he is representing, Forth Engineering.

After Martin had us all silent with amazement at what sort of robotics his company makes we then knuckled down to business. Martin discussed the different business roles within his company then helped us to decide what business teams would be best for our small company. Once we had narrowed down the teams to four we had to draw up a job specification for each one. Just like in a true business environment we all had to apply for the business team which we thought our skills would be best suited to. Finally, we had a democratic vote about which charity we would be supporting this year, Fairfield ward and Henderson Suite at West Cumberland Hospital, and we finalised our final fundraising idea. We have decided to keep our Big Event under wraps for the time being.

W/B — 16/1/17

Trading has opened this week and we are in full swing. Top of our agenda was to produce an action plan for each our teams.

The marketing team have been busy producing posters for a bric-a-brac sale which we are holding next week to help raise extra funds so we can purchase materials for our big fundraising event.

The sales team have been busy producing a letter to send out to parents asking for donations for the bric-a-brac sale as well as drafting letters to send out asking for prize donations. They have also been setting up their own email address as well as producing a list of contacts to send our donation letters to.

The planning team have been researching ideas for props which we will need for the big event. They then worked closely with the production team to decide what materials would be best for each prop. The production team then set to work designing, locating materials and beginning to make props.

W/B — 23/1/17

Our Bric-a-Brac sale was a roaring success. Our parents were very generous with their donations for the sale and weren't shy in buying back lots of books, cakes, toys and beauty products.

We mean business this week!! Marketing are finalising posters and ticket designs for our big event. They are also working alongside the sales team negotiating the entry fee and the deadline for ticket sales.

The sales team are full steam ahead they have been doing some calculations trying to work out the most inviting entry fee for our big event. They are taking into consideration any monies which may need to be spent on prizes, props and food, that we may need to purchase, as well as making sure that we make an excellent profit. They are also enjoying the experience of conducting modern day business with their new email address and are busy sending emails and responding to replies they have already had.

W/B — 30/1/17

This week we are beginning to see our main event coming together. Each of our teams have been finalising their priorities for the next two weeks.

The marketing team have been finishing and printing the tickets and posters for the main event. They have also been doing some calculations based around how many tickets can they get on one page and how many pages of tickets would they need to print.

The sales team have been writing letters to parents of our class to let them know that the tickets are now on sale. They have also been sending letters out to companies requesting prizes for the event. They were unsure if all of the emails they have sent out were being received, so as a team they decided to send letters out to different companies in order to try and maximise our prize list.

The planning team have finalised the prop list and have begun to research questions which they would like to use for our main event.

Finally, the production team have finished making paddles for one of our family games and have been researching cheaper and more effective ways of acquiring the final props for the family games.

W/B — 6/2/17

The marketing team have completed all of their tasks and have been offering their help to other groups as well as updating the diary.

The sales team have been writing and sending out more letters this week. This time they have sent letters to supermarkets to see if they would be happy to donate or reduce the price of food products which we require for the big event.

The planning team have finalised the questions for one of the family games. They have also been testing some of the questions out on members of staff.

The production team have been putting a base coat on to a final prop and ordering other props off the internet.

W/B — 13/2/17

This week we have double checked our action plans to make sure we have completed everything we needed to before half term. We have worked together to finish off one of our final props and we have had a visit from Martin. With the help of Martin, we have finalised the running order for the final event and which part we will all play on the night.

Martin showed us video of a spider robot which he has been working on with Forth. We were all really interested in the robots and drones which are made at Forth and look forward to seeing some of them. Martin also discussed how the 3D printer works and how we could have a go at making mini trophies on it and give them as prizes for the winners of each of the games.

We have worked extremely hard over the last 6 weeks and are looking forward to seeing all of our hard work pay off after half term.

W/B — 27/2/17

After a well-deserved week off, we are back in full swing this week making our final preparations for our family game show next week. This week we have been using our democracy skills to decide our final jobs for the big night. First we worked together to produce a list of job roles for the evening and how many people we would need to fill each position, then each child picked two jobs they would like. After they had decided they had to make a pitch to the rest of class, who then voted on whether what the person had to offer would be good enough for that job, or whether they would be more suited to a different role.

A small group of children worked together to produce the script for the evening. They really enjoyed producing the script as they were determined to get as many jokes into as possible.

A second small group worked with the script directors to produce a slide show which can be used throughout the evening.

The rest of the class were busy writing letters to parents informing them of the main raffle prizes and providing them with an opportunity to get involved with the raffle. The children suggested that we could staple three stripes of raffle tickets to the letter along with an envelope so the parents can return the stripes and money to school. Their reasoning behind this was to catch a larger audience and boost our final total. They also stated that it would help to make the event a whole school activity.

W/B — 6/3/17

The final week is upon us. We are all very excited for our big event on Thursday evening. We have been a hive of activity this week from going through the script to perfect the jokes to producing posters to display around the stage. We tasked Mrs Mitchell to purchase the food. We made sure we researched the supermarkets for the best prices and gave Mrs Mitchell a very specific list of produce to buy.

The original sales team made a last minute decision to produce a quiz book which could be sold on the night of the show.

Thursday is finally here!! We have been very busy this afternoon getting the hall set up for our family game show night.

We started off by putting the tables and chairs up. We decided it would look more effective and professional if we put table cloths on the tables

While Mrs Mitchell and Mrs Hill were putting the stage up we had the opportunity for a short break. We also had chance to sneak in a couple of selfies.

Now everything is set up we have time for a quick rehearsal.

Thursday night was a huge success. Everyone had a fantastic time and enjoyed having some good quality family time which involved lots of fun and entertainment. As with all 'live TV shows' there were a small few blunders but this just added to excitement and fun factor of the evening as well as keeping everyone entertained and laughing.

Our chefs getting the pizza and snacks prepared.

Our security team taking their positions to make sure everybody is safe and sensible.

Harrison our sales rep making sure nobody goes in without either buying more raffle tickets or our take home quiz book.

The parents were eager to get in to the hall and eat some pizza and popcorn.

We also needed to make sure that we had plenty of energy and food before the big show. Plus we need to make sure our food is to an excellent standard.

Let the Family Game show begin with our first game 'Are you smarter than an 8 year old?'

We had a quick break to change the props ready for our second game of the evening.

'Parent and Child'

After a game full of laughter and disagreement we think there may be some children not talking to their parents when they get home.

After a final short break we were ready for our final game of the evening 'The Box'

We had a very keen audience for this game. It was hard for us to narrow down the contestants.

Game one was balls in the box. Each contestant had 1 minute to see how many balls they could get down the tube and in to the box.

The second game on 'The Box' was golf ball balance. All the contestants took it in turns to see how many golf balls they could balance on the tees in a minute.

This was the most nail biting game of the evening. Contestants 1 and 3 managed to get nearly 20 balls balanced and within the last few seconds they knocked one golf ball and most of the others took a tumble.

And finally the part the parents had been waiting for, the raffle.

The money is going towards the Henderson Suite and The Fairfield Ward at the West Cumberland Hospital. We decided that we wanted the money go back in to our local community and help those around us who need it most. We all knew or had heard of people close to our families who have benefited from the services both of these wards provide.