Beetham C of E Primary School

Our Enterprise project is based on Valentine's Day and Mothering Sunday. We are making a range of gifts and goodies to sell for these two occasions. We are hoping to set up mobile shops in the village shop in Beetham, at school and in the paper factory who have sponsored us.

Tonight our paper craft club were making and laminating valentines bookmarks to sell. They were fascinated by the laminator as you can see from the photographs!

Wendy Nicholas
Headteacher, Beetham CE Primary School

25th January 2017

Visit to our sponsors: Billerudkorsnas...

Today Beetham Bright Stars visited the paper factory in Beetham, Billerudkorsnas, who have sponsored us for the project.

Mr David Shaw, who is one of the Bright Stars' parents, explained all about the paper that is made at Beetham, what it is used for and how it is made.

We watched some video clips of the machinery in the factory and looked at some samples of the different papers which are used for things such as food packaging and sterile packets for medical supplies.

Mr Shaw also explained to the children about the costs involved in making paper and how this affects the profit, which was really useful for us as we start out on our first business.

It was great to be able to visit the factory that we pass so often but that most people have never been inside. We are really grateful to Mr Shaw for organising the visit for us.

Beetham Mill School Visit — Comment by Billerudkorsnas

Beetham paper mill was visited by a group of school children from Beetham C of E Primary School on the 25th January 2017.

Thirty pupils attended the mill to take part in a presentation and activity session put together by David Shaw the Business Support Manager and Amy Kitching the Technical Assistant.

Pupils arrived to the mill and were shown through to the Windermere Room to experience a business environment and see our recently updated picture wall showing the history of the mill.

Pupils got to learn some history of paper making and how paper is made at Beetham mill through some short videos which pupils found very fascinating! Pupils also got to get their hands on raw materials so that they understand the importance of sustainability and looking after the environment.

Pupils looked at the products we make here at Beetham and got to do some basic tear testing comparing paper made here at Beetham and that of a basic copy paper.

Pupils and teachers both found this an interesting way and good introduction to material properties and encourage creative thinking when starting their current school project the Cumbria Bright Stars Competition.

Pupils have already made a start and have been making book marks and baking products to sell for Valentines Day. Lots of brain storming was done by the pupils inspired by what they had experienced on their visit.

So watch this space for a business stall coming soon! We look forward to seeing their ideas come to life!

3rd February 2017

This week we have been busy getting our 'Pop-Up Shops' ready. We have written to the shop in our village and also the paper factory which has sponsored us to see if they will have a Valentine's Day shop to sell things for us.

Lucy and Lola wrote a really good letter asking them to let us know if they would be happy to have one of our shops and so now we just need to wait for their reply.

The governors were told about our Enterprise Project at their meeting and our Vicar, Rev'd Linda said we could put a shop in church so that's really good.

Today we were covering and decorating big boxes to put our cards and gifts in. We decided on prices and made signs and price lists.

At our after-school club this week we painted heart shape keyrings so we will be selling those too.

We are going to be doing some Valentine's Day cooking to sell at school so we were also making gift tags to decorate the bags. One of our jobs for next week is to fill in a spread sheet with all our costs to see how much of our £50 we have spent so far.

The children are really into it now and have enjoyed writing letters and thank you cards and getting more involved in the organisational part of it.

9th February 2017

Our pop up shops are now delivered and we are hoping that our lovely things sell really well.

This week we have finished making and stocking our 'Pop up Shops' for Valentine's Day. They look lovely and we hope that people will like the things we have made.

Lucy and Lola delivered a shop to the church and the Old Post Office in Beetham. Mr Shaw took a shop to Billerudkorsnas and we have got one at school. We hope that each shop might make £10.

16th February 2017

This week we have been very busy baking for our Valentine's Day Brownie & Biscuit Stall.

Yr 5 & 6 made chocolate brownies with Mrs Klijn (renowned throughout Beetham!) and Yr 3 & 4 made flower shaped biscuits with heart sweet centres.

All the goodies were beautifully packaged and the stall sold out in 5 minutes!

This event raised £43.50 — Well Done Beetham Bakers!

27th February 2017

This week we have started getting ready for our next lot of 'pop up shops' to celebrate Mothering Sunday. We have made some beautiful cards with flowers and butterflies on them. We had fun at our after school enterprise club, making lavender bags. Everyone who came into the classroom afterwards said it smelt lovely!

We also had a meeting this week to decide which charity we would like to support. We all made suggestions and then voted. We decided on a cancer charity and made a final decision on Cancer Research UK which raises money to fund research into the causes and treatment of cancer.

10th March 2017

This week we have been busy selling our cards and lavender bags in our 3 pop up shops. They are in church, at Billerudkorsnas (our sponsors) and one in school.

Lots of people have said they think the cards are beautiful.

We have really enjoyed taking part in the Enterprise project. It has helped us learn more about how a business is run and we have realised that you have to work very hard in order to make a profit. It has been useful learning how to use a spreadsheet as it is a really clear way of seeing how much you have spent and how much you have made.

We are really pleased that all our hard work has helped us to make such a good profit.

We would like to say a big thank you to Billerudkorsnas for sponsoring us and helping us to make Beetham Bright Stars so successful.