Broughton Junior School

Week 1

We are extremely excited to be taking part in Bright Stars 2017! We have had a very productive first week, which has resulted us in narrowing down what our product will be and beginning to organise an event. This year, we will be creating homemade 'celebration hampers' to sell for birthdays, or for special events such as Mothers' Day, and after taking orders, we will present the hampers at a special Mothers' Day coffee afternoon. We also enjoyed a very informative session with Adrian Davis-Johnson (our business link), who gave us lots of excellent advice about how to create a successful business and gave us lots of things to think about. With his help, we have started to plan exactly which items will be included in our hampers, paying careful consideration to cost, skills and materials. Adrian has left us with a very important task to carry out: to research our products and to carry out some 'customer surveys' which will help us to create our prototype. We will discuss our ideas when we meet again in a fortnight.

Week 2

This week we have been researching information to help us develop a proto-type of our product. Mrs Bewsher demonstrated how to shop effectively using the Internet. We had to use our maths skills to work out the individual price of items that were part of a multipack, and work out whether purchasing them would be cost effective or not.

Week 4

We held a class competition to create the final design which will be printed on to the mugs and key-rings which will be going into our celebration hampers. The children understand it needed to be non-specific and simple, so that it appeals to lots of people instead of one specific person. The winner will be announced soon. This week we will be busy with our marketing stage, where the children will work in teams to create adverts which will be displayed around our village to advertise our hampers.

Week 7

This week we moved into our production phase. We turned our classroom into a factory, using our tables as assembly lines. All the children were placed into teams, complete with a team leader and line managers (our teachers Mrs Bewsher, Mrs Bell and Mrs Greenbank). Each team were responsible for the production of different items for our hampers. The children demonstrated EXCELLENT team work skills, communicated effectively and helping each other out. They realised how stressful it can be to work to a deadline, but responded well to the pressure!!! The team leaders made sure the quality of the products were not compromised and generally supported their team and helped to make overall decisions. What a fun and enjoyable week! We are all really enjoying the Bright Stars project and have learnt so much about the world of business. We hope you like our photos...

Week 8

Wow! What a week!!! On Friday, we brought an end to our Bright Stars journey, by holding our afternoon tea event in our school hall. We managed to boost our profits by charging an entrance fee and holding a bottle raffle. We also took some last minute orders for some more celebration hampers, bringing our final total sold to over 80!!! The atmosphere in our school hall was wonderful and we received lots of compliments from parents and directors who really enjoyed their afternoon. We served the afternoon tea on real china crockery and put bunting around the hall to make it look pretty. Mrs Farley (our school chef) worked extremely hard all day in the kitchen to produce beautiful cream cakes and sandwiches. Our year 6 pupils showed great team work by splitting themselves into groups to organise and help out with different parts of the event.

We have really enjoyed our Bright Stars project and are sad it is nearly over. We are very excited to hear the results next week, however if we don't quite manage to receive an award, we are still really grateful to take part in such an exciting and motivating competition. We would like to wish all of the schools taking part lots of luck!