Crosby on Eden School

Week 1

We hit the ground running in our first week by having our second meeting with Karen from Armstrong Watson. We talked about what we wanted to achieve and what our plans are for business ideas. We began the week by designing a general knowledge quiz which we are selling for the chance of a prize (a box of chocolates). We decided to run the quiz until the beginning of week 3 when we will draw a quiz with the most correct answers from a hat. The children in class 4 worked in small groups to organise costings, advertisement and marketing and leadership. Many of the group gave quizzes to local shops and businesses as well as asking their parents to take them into work.

We have also began making plans for an event which will tie in with our work about fair trade and valentines day so watch this space...

Week 2

This week we have been busy getting our next project up and running. We have organised ourselves into new groups and now have a new leadership team. This team had the chance to visit Houghton Hall Garden Centre to price seeds and other items we will need to begin taking plant orders next week. The team spoke to a member of staff and took advice on which plants would be the best to plant. We decided on 3 plants; marigolds, petunias and basil. The advertising team were busy preparing an order form and now they have the costings, they can put this together. The leadership team have really worked hard this week and showed good delegation of tasks. The quizes are to be finished next week and a prize given out, and grand totals for this venture tallied up.

Week 3

This week we worked with class 1, our Reception class to plant our blubs. We finished marking the quiz and found the lucky winner who won a box of Heroes. We began thinking about the Fair Trade and open afternoon we are going to be holding on 14th February. We decided as KS2 classes that at the end of the topics of Mayans and The Stone Age, that they would like to invite parents in to visit the Museum and join us for some fair trade refreshments and hand made bookmarks with crazy hair and pom pom bag charms/key rings. We will reveal more about this in a couple of weeks' time.

Week 4

This week we have been preparing our pom pom keyrings and bookmarks for the fair trade event. We have enlisted a fair trade committee that are preparing the costings for refreshments and the raffle. We started taking plant orders after a slow start but these are now coming in thick and fast. Our next step with these is to begin decorating the pots ready to deliver at the end of the competition. One group had to do pricing, making sure that the products were priced fairly and what potential profit could be made.

Week 5

This week was our fair trade and parents' open morning. We have a raffle for a fair trade football, we have worked with the rest of the school to make pompom bookmarks and crazy hair bookmarks. The afternoon was a huge success, making £156 in total from bookmarks and refreshments. The pompom charms sold well and we have taken orders to make more. We also took more plant orders.

We have also started some market research into holding a movie night in March. We polled the classes to find out which movies the children would like to watch. We have some ideas about pricing and what we can include in this.

Week 7

This week, we began planning our Movie Night with the majority of children surveyed wishing to watch 'Zootropolis'. We decided on timings and pricing for the event by researching on ASDA how much popcorn, pizza and drinks would be. We designed a poster and sent this out to families. We also designed tickets and we think these look very professional.

Movie Night Poster...

Week 8

We are still waiting for our plants to grow more before we deliver these. They have taken longer than expected and a message has been sent to people that ordered plants that they will be delivered before Easter.

We wrote a letter to Oak Tree Animals explaining that we had raised money for them and we are delighted that they will be joining us for an assembly and to receive their cheque on Monday 13th March.

Here's our letter to Oak Tree Animals...


Crosby on Eden School have been taking part in a Cumbria wide competition called 'Bright Stars'. The purpose of the competition was that we were given £50 and had to make that money grow by investing and selling products and events. Any money we raise is to be shared between the school and a charity that we have chosen. We chose Oak Tree Animals because we feel strongly that caring for animals is so important and you are such a vital part of Carlisle. We have visited you a number of times over the years and enjoy learning about you.

The end of the competition is drawing near and we have one last event, a Movie Night taking place on Friday. After that we will have a final total of all the money raised.

We would like to invite you to visit our school on Monday 13th March, at 3.00pm to take part in a short assembly and receive your cheque. I appreciate that this is short notice, but if someone was available from 3.00-3.30 that afternoon, the children would really enjoy having this opportunity to meet you.

Please let us know if you are able to join us for a short celebration.

Kindest Wishes

Crosby on Eden School
(Mrs Pattinson and 'The Bright Stars')

Special Assembly Monday 13th

We lead the assembly on Monday to explain to everyone how well we had done and why we decided to give our earnings to Oak Tree Animals. Holly Parkinson came along from the Oak Tree Animals to kindly receive the cheque. We shared our stories of the animals we have adopted from there. Holly also shared the wonderful work they do with the money as well as creating education packages for groups to attend the centre.

Movie night is finally here, we were busy that day getting the popcorn bagged up into individual portions and getting the room ready. We decorated the room with posters and glitz to set the scene. We had 71 people attend, which is almost everyone in school. We were so pleased with how it went. A fabulous time was had by all, we would definitely like to have more movie nights in the future.

We weren't sure how everyone was going to squeeze in!

Juice and popcorn set up.

Filling up nicely...

Everyone was glued to the action on the big screen.

The pizza went down well during the interval.

Goodbye everyone.