Frizington Community Primary School

This week at Frizington Primary we have been busy discussing our business ideas. We have had a lot of discussion and have had some amazing ideas. We whittled down to make a short list and then voted on our most popular business idea. We have decided to launch a pizza selling business. Our customers will have the opportunity to order and purchase their favourite pizza to cook at home.

We also have been researching and applying for the different roles needed in a business. We have filled in our first job application forms and have had our first interview conducted by our business consultant Debra from Burnetts, which has given us an idea of what to expect when we start working.

' When I was going in I felt very nervous but when I got in, it wasn't that bad. As soon as I got out from the interview I felt really proud of myself because Debra said my job application form was very good and that I had did very well. '
Matthew, age 10

' I was a little nervous before because I didn't know what questions would be asked and how to answer them. As the interview went on I grew in confidence. '
Logan, age 11

' Debra is very kind and funny which made me feel relieved. The interview went well. '
Maya, age 10


To finish our first week, we decided on a business name and completed an eight-week schedule to support us in running a successful business.

Year 6 Enterprise Project — Timeline

Week One
  • Competition opens and trading begins
  • Application forms completed
  • Interviews held and roles and responsibilities delegated
  • Meet Debra
  • Complete timeline of events for business
  • Design a survey — favourite pizza topping
  • Collate names from business
Week Two
  • Decide on names for business — link with British values- democracy
  • Research marketing ideas — look to designing advert poster/leaflets
  • Use school facebook page to inform school community
  • Send out survey
  • Research/decided on packaging
Week Three
  • Survey back — collaborate results — What information does it tell us? How will it impact our business?
  • Conduct research into ingredients — costing
  • Contact local business — Chattnooga — invite in to speak to us about running a pizza business
  • Complete advertisement posters/leaflets and distribute/display around the school and local community
  • Make product and hold a taster session at end of Praise Assembly
Week Four
  • Recommended trading day
  • Design menu at beginning of week and publish on facebook
  • Contact Whitehaven news — invite to out opening launch day
  • Make pizza in preparation to sell — set up selling stand
Week Five
  • Recommended trading day
  • Continue advertising
  • Assess costings — profit/loss?
  • Make more pizzas and buy more ingredients if needed
Half Term
Week Six
  • Recommended trading day
  • Review selling strategies — adjust if needed
  • Design recipe in preparation to sell on last trading day
  • Make more pizzas and buy more ingredients if needed
Week Seven
  • Recommended trading day
  • As well as selling pizzas sell recipe for families to continue having Friday Pizza
Week Eight
  • Competition closes and trading ends
  • Complete accounts
  • Did we make a profit?
  • Assess — was our business a success?

Business Advisor comments:

I had the pleasure of meeting my business colleagues on Monday 16th January am at Frizington Primary School.

I had requested form Angela (Year 6 teacher) that all the children complete CVs and I would take part in a 5-minute interview with them, in this interview we examined their business ideas and their strengths and weaknesses. I was amazed at the children's maturity, compassion and enthusiasm. Strengths for all the pupils included honesty and hard work, traits that came across.

The effort from both Angela and the children that had gone into the CVs was fabulous and the quality of their work was fantastic. The confidence of the children in the interviews was outstanding and some of their answers were truly unique.

We had an excellent brainstorming session — catering was a big theme from the offset. The children were very aware of the products missing in the Frizington market, and were full of suggestions of how to address this.

A wonderful idea to valet cars wasn't taken forward because of the weather conditions in winter, we decided against making personalised wooden plaques due to the specialist equipment involved.

We finally agreed (via democratic vote of course) that we would create a pizza business. The business would have 2 strands: a takeaway style venue where hot food could be bought and sold, and the genius idea of selling chilled readymade pizzas for families to take home and enjoy.

Their passion for their local community, their families, animals and their school really shone through and it is an honour to be helping with the project.

Debra Robinson
Employment and HR solicitor, Burnetts

Week Three

It has been a busy week for year 6 and Pizza Paradise. We have launched a competition for a logo design. We had five designs to choose from...

After a class vote this is our winning design...

We also have a mascot "Pepperoni Pete the Pizza".

The artist is very busy creating the logo into a bigger format.

We have been very creative this week designing advertisement, ingredients / instructions, loyalty cards, order form and promotions.

We are even considering an advert and jingle.

To create our designs, we have researched other companies to get some ideas. Our ingredients design is original and very unique. After researching we then drew some ideas and then put the ideas onto a computer. Good job we are all experts at ICT.

Our ideas are innovative and on top of this we have given our maths brains a workout.

First we had our costings for the production of individual pizzas and using this we got the average price of each ingredient. (We had been working in groups to get the costs). When we had these prices there was a debate about our time, effort and the cost to produce the pizzas. (Also packaging).

We concluded that our charges will be:

We were going to charge more for the ham & pineapple because it has two toppings. When we looked at the cost of pepperoni it was 13p where ham and pineapple was 12p. This helped in our decision with the costs. To reach these pricings, we doubled the total production cost and the added extra for our time and effort.

Our logo is now complete and it has a slogan...

We are all getting very excited now to launching our pizzas to the public.

Business Advisor's Comment

I am very happy to introduce Pepperoni Pete the Pizza! I am very impressed with the costings and the finance work which has been completely driven by the children, with little input from myself needed. The pizzas will go on sale at 3.20pm on Friday 10th February 2017, I am very excited to be visiting the Primary School to assist with the first day rush of sales.

Week Four

Another fabulous and busy week at Pizza Paradise.

The staff designed and made ingredient labels to inform our customers about the items that make our product (especially those with allergies); how to cook instructions and type of pizza labels.

They designed and made order forms which allowed the production team to make the precise amount of pizzas which reduced the amount of waste. 120 pizzas were ordered in our first week of trading.

The children worked in collaboration in order to make the 120 pizzas.

Our final product!

Our selling team did a fantastic job — all customers left satisfied.

Week Five

This week we have continued to make our delicious pizzas. We started off making batches of two but it took too long so we made batches of ten to make the business more efficient and our making of the pizzas more successful.

Costing and Profit

When we totalled our earnings we made a whopping £199.10 however we still had to subtract our outgoings from the total earnings, leaving us with £106.49. So far the pizzas have had some good reviews.

Reflections from our first week of trading

This was our first week at selling pizzas, it was a success. We made spare pizzas as we thought that we would have walk-in customers on the day however apart from one walk-in customer this was not the case. Next week we will only make the pizzas that have been ordered.

By Hayden, Hayden, Gabrielle, Evie and Thomas

Business Advisor's Comments

I was lucky enough to travel to Frizington Primary School on Friday 17th March to witness the second lot of selling. I was very impressed with the organisation of the selling process. All orders were labelled, and carefully packaged and boxed. Health and Safety requirements had been followed perfectly as all meat products and non-meat products were separate from each other.

The buzz in the school was amazing when I arrived and the whole community seemed to be queuing for pizzas. It was really encouraging to see many repeat customers and everyone at the school seemed really excited about the business.

Angela Airey — year 6 teacher — put so much effort into this business venture and her passion and enthusiasm must be commended.

The school could not have done any better, and it was another successful and profitable afternoon. I am currently gathering a huge bulk order for my colleagues at Burnetts and I look forward to distributing them this week.

We will be asking customers for reviews and feedback about how best to improve the products.

I am so proud of Frizington Primary School. They have truly shone like 'bright stars.'

Debra Robinson
Employment and HR solicitor, Burnetts

Week Seven

We obtained some customer feedback about our product and from this we have improved our pizzas. One suggesting was to include some more cheese and topping. We considered the cost implications before we made these changes. We have received no negative comments or complaints about our pizzas. 83% of our customers graded our company a 5 star and a further 17% graded our company 4-stars.

By Logan, Hayden C and Nathan

On our last day of trading we had Debra from Burnetts come along and help us. We had an order of 50 pizzas to be made for staff of Burnetts which was then going to be delivered. On top of this we had an additional 30 pizzas to make for our returning customers.


Our business was a success and we made a profit. We are currently researching and looking at local charities to donate half of our earning as we feel that as we have been strongly supported by our local community we would therefore like to give something back to it. Mrs Little, our school secretary is going to arrange for a cheque so that we can present our donation.