Gosforth Primary School

We had our first meeting with Rob from Amec Foster Wheeler and Sharon from CfLP before Christmas. We recapped on last year's success and introduced the Year 5 children to Bright Stars. We talked about the kinds of things other schools have done in the past. Rob talked about different business roles that the children would have to take on.

We then split into groups and were asked to come up with a team name and a charity that we would like to support. Rob then left us to finalise these things.

We voted as a class and came up with 24 Diamonds (there are 24 of us in class). We also voted on the charity — we have 9 to choose from that we all came up with. We voted, in the end, for Well Child which is a national UK children's charity helping to get seriously ill children out of hospital and cared for at home with their families wherever possible.

We then came up with initial ideas which produced a huge list — some feasible some not!

Week 1 (16.1.17)

Rob came back to visit for us to tell him the results of our voting. We shared our fundraising ideas and sorted out the management team.

We have an MD, a PA to the MD, a finance, marketing, sales and catering team.

Our final ideas are:

Week 2 (23.1.17)

We spent week 2 working out the dates of the events and making lists of what we would need. The catering manager also approached the cook in school to see if she would make pancakes for us.

Week 3 (30.1.17)

Rob came back to see us this week to see how we were getting on. We went through all the dates for events that we have planned:

Week 4 (6.2.17)

This week we prepared our financial spreadsheet so we can track money spent and raised. We also had to try and work out how many cakes/biscuits we would need for the West Lakes Science visit. We decided the more we could get the better and any leftovers could be sold to the children in school on Valentine's Day. The MD created a table on the computer and asked fellow team mates to estimate how many cakes they would bring. As all of the cakes were being donated this wouldn't cost the team anything.

We also prepared a sponsor form this week so we could take this home and hopefully get lots of sponsors! Keeping quiet for a whole school day seems like quite a challenge!

Sarah Layzell

Week 5 (13.2.17)

A busy start for us as we had the cake sale on Monday at West Lakes Science Park. We asked the rest of the parents in school to send in donations and ended up with lots to sell. We also decided at the last minute to get a raffle prize — a teddy and chocolates for Valentine's Day. This was kindly donated by our class teacher, Mrs Layzell.

We visited 3 businesses at the park and met some lovely people. We sold wrapped biscuits to give as gifts, wax crayon heart gifts and cakes and tray bakes. We managed to raise £281.30.

As we had lots of cakes and biscuits left we decided to sell the remainder to the children in school. This raised another £81.75 making a grand total of £365.05.

Sarah Layzell

On Friday we had a non-uniform day in exchange for a £1 donation. We raised £106.50. We also sold our first table for the table top sale and a family entered the quiz.

Week 6 (20.2.17)

This week is half term so we have given Mrs Layzell the job of setting the quiz questions. We will spend our week off getting sponsors!

Week 7 (27.2.17)

On Tuesday we sold pancakes to the children in school. We had a variety of toppings including chocolate syrup and chocolate buttons. We raised £62.10.

We also had our sponsored silence on the same day! This was quite a challenge but Mrs Layzell seemed to really enjoy the day. Sponsor money has already started to come in and we already have £169.

We have sold 7 tables for the table top sale on Saturday at the Coffee morning. We have also advertised the event locally to get as many people as possible to turn up. A parent who runs the local shop donated lots of things that we can sell with all the profit going to us. Our MD has made a list of who needs to do what on the morning of the sale including setting up and clearing away at the end. Some of the team are also going to have a stall selling fruit smoothies.

The quiz is all prepared and we already have 6 teams entered. We decided on a variety of rounds so there is something for everyone.

Sarah Layzell

Week 8 (6.3.17)

Saturday saw a steady stream of customers which we were happy about. We managed to raise £361.87 so it was worth all the work.

Monday was spent writing letters to local businesses to ask for raffle prizes for quiz night.

We hand delivered them on Tuesday to give the personal touch. One of the pubs responded straight away with a meal voucher so we may use that as the prize.

By Thursday we had 16 teams entered so that was already £160. Hopefully the raffle will bring in some more money.

We had a huge turnout for the quiz — the hall was full. We had cakes donated for the half time refreshment interval and prepared teas and coffees. We sold raffle tickets for prizes that were donated. We also had a drill set donated by Travis Perkins that we auctioned through sealed bids.

The quiz started really well with the picture rounds then half an hour in half of Gosforth was plunged into darkness due to a power cut! We asked everyone to get their phones out and turn their torches on. With that and emergency lighting we cracked on.

The winning team scored 73 out of 75!

In total the family quiz night brought another £450 which we were really pleased about.

It was our final count up today and with the original £50 (that we didn't have to spend any of thanks to kind donations) we have raised a huge amount! We think for a small school like ours that is amazing. Below is the letter that our MD has sent out to all parents today.

Thank you to everyone who supported the quiz, table top sale and our other fundraising activities. [The amount we raised] will be split between Well Child and the school. The money for school we have decided will buy a summer house for children to use at playtime. We would also like to thank the Kellbank, Floor Coverings Cumbria, The Wild Olive, The Village Shop, Go Ape and Travis Perkins for their kind donations to help us raise this massive amount of money. Thank you also to Mrs Layzell, Mrs Martin, Sandra and the other staff for all their support they have given the 24 Diamonds team. Thank you.

We beat last year's total by more than half which we are really proud of.

Sarah Layzell