Grasmere C of E Primary School


Asked for keen volunteers. Four children chosen from Class 3 and four from Class 4. Skills learnt: Commitment, How a committee works, What 'enterprise' means, a business has to make a profit.

Met to create our plan. Lots of ideas. We will write up Business Template and start writing letters to suppliers / people who might give prizes. Skills learnt: High standards — writing letters, planning is important, being realistic about what we can achieve in the time, creative ideas are exciting and sellable.


One of the suppliers has offered to supply the ingredients free of charge. Prizes already in from Heaton Cooper Gallery and Forest Side. Skills learnt: there is a great deal of good will and money out there, if you can harness it, people like positive publicity.

Digital Marketing Group (sub committee of Enterprise Committee) met with Jonathan Smith to create digital strategy: Facebook, Twitter, Radio Cumbria, BBC TV, ITV Border. We will write press release, agree photos to use on Facebook etc. Make posters. Skills learnt: Writing for different platforms: posters very different to press release for Facebook. Twitter feed is different again. Target audiences by using different strategies (eg Facebook versus Westmorland Gazette versus Parish Magazine).

Physical marketing group — Class 3 children — met with JG. Agreed to make posters, agreed content of posters, and the image they wanted to get across. Agreed to put in Parish Mag and up around village, + to give them to Digital Group for Facebook etc. We will adapt press release as necessary for different audiences.


Press release written together. Excellent posters created at home by Class 3 Enterprise Committee members. Will also work as tickets. Skills learnt: Design skills — presenting information clearly and attractively. Choosing words, colours, photos, fonts etc.

Press releases out to all audiences. Tickets already being requested by telephone. Made a booking form, so that we can keep track of the bookings. Name, contact details + a column for when they've paid. Requesting money within 5 days, to secure the booking. Enterprise Committee explained system to Rachel Allison (Administrative Assistant) and all other staff who were likely to take phone calls in the office. Skills learnt: Keeping track of orders. Communicating clearly with everyone who needs to know. (Incidentally this went wrong at first because we hadn't informed all staff, so some money was taken without receipting).


Feedback on how the project is going, plus discussion of who is going to do what on the day. Also discussion of the Treasure Hunt plan. Agreed to try and have this ready for the half term holiday. Aware that this is tight. Juniors wanted to go to Forest Side to see the venue and talk to the chefs in person. Also requested training for the actual day. Menu options discussed. Up-selling options discussed. We will need to arrange training session with Forest Side, so that people know how to be waiters / greeters / bar staff etc. Skills learnt: Allocating different roles according to skills / interests. Working as a team. Changing plans when necessary, to ensure that quality doesn't drop.


Report to Greg / Martin on bookings and digital strategy. Chef discussed final menu options. Up-selling opportunities agreed — taking photos, selling flowers, selling mocktails, selling biscuits. Skills learnt: Covering all details to make sure the event will run smoothly: Presentation, eg menu / Facebook postings. Importance of dietary requirements. Table allocations & timings of service.


Training about how to 'wait on', how to meet and greet, how to prepare and serve mocktails. Full afternoon with Forest Side staff: Martin Frickel (sous chef), Bruno Vilas (Bar Manager), Franck Deletang (General Manager), Mafalda Ribeiro (deputy restaurant manager). We will agree mocktail, based on seasonal ingredients, allocate responsibilities for up-selling. Skills learnt: Lots of skills of the hotel / restaurant trade. Social interaction. Team work. Sales skills. Self-control / concentration / focus. Attention to detail / consistency of service & presentation.

Agreed to push the Treasure Hunt back until after the Valentine's Day event, so as to maximise profit. Letters written asking for more prizes, explaining that the event will run over the summer, and the prizes will be allocated in the first week in September, at a social. There was also a suggestion of running afternoon teas in the school grounds on sunny days in the summer, to raise more money. Skills learnt: Planning for future events. Using skills learnt, to plan further enterprise projects.


Making biscuits for up-selling. Skills learnt: Food hygiene requirements. Presentation skills. Sales skills. Packaging design

Interviewed on Radio Cumbria. Skills learnt: Confidence. Articulation. Clarity of vision. Understanding of key information / messaging.

BBC Radio Cumbria interviews Grasmere School pupils about their Bright Stars venture on February 13...

Courtesy of BBC Radio Cumbria

Making posies for up-selling — 3 bunches of daffodils bought from Co-op — £1:50. Collection of ivy and hazel catkins from school grounds to create posies. Skills learnt: Design. Packaging / presentation. Sales skills. Thinking about the preservation of the product so that its quality was ensured. Cost decisions — profit margins.

The Event

Skills learnt: Cost management, Event management, Consistency of service, Social interaction skills, Presentation of self / food, Reputation management, Managing expectations, Delivery of efficient and high quality product, Selling techniques (up-sellers), Media liaison, Keeping good records of orders, Budget management / financial control, Menu development to a costed budget


Review of event: Really happy with how it went. Inspired to do further events in the summer term. Skills learnt: Evaluation process — what worked well? What could be done better another time? Remembering to credit / thank suppliers who have given support. Analysis of social media. Who has been looking / sharing? Who are our audience? Internet safety skills. Facebook / Twitter.

Thank you letters being written to suppliers who contributed goods and services.

We also have several gifts nominally 'in hand', which are to be prizes for our treasure hunt. This will be run by our Enterprise Committee over the summer.

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