Hayton C of E Primary School

We have had two sessions so far. I attended the school to introduce myself to the children and brainstorm various business ideas for an hour. A group of the children then visited us here on site (North West Recycling and Brampton Skip Hire), to sit in the Boardroom and hold a meeting re business plans and meet members of our management team (plus conducting a Q&A session).

Louise Gardham
Sales & Marketing Director
North West Recycling Limited and Brampton Skip Hire Limited

6 Jan 2017

Introduction of Cumbria Bright Stars competition in class — address from Louise Gardham, Sales & Marketing Director from North West Recycling and Brampton Skip Hire (left business cards).

10 Jan 2017

Met with sponsors, North West Recycling and Brampton Skip Hire at their HQ to discuss business planning. Pupils had already decided that some business ideas such as dog-walking would not be appropriate for 10-11 year olds from a health and safety point of view for both the dog, its owner and the walker! The idea of bulk sweet buying was given due consideration as a good way of making a profit when selling onto the public.

13 Jan 2017

At school, brainstormed business ideas. Split into 4 discussion groups.


16 Jan 2017

Trading formally opens!

20 Jan 2017

Class consideration of strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats analysis followed to agree a starting point for the formulation of a business plan.

Strengths — buttons and beads, containers to decorate were free raw materials, therefore no cost to business.

Weaknesses — venue for car washing may have inadequate 'footfall' and water, we learned, was not free! Cakes have limited 'shelf life' so important not to over produce — solution — market research?

Card greetings — use IT with suitable fonts for marketability.

Opportunities — could expand our range of goods as many were from recycled goods, e.g. decorated.

Tile pictures, votive glasses.

Occasions for card, cake and confectionery sales — Valentines' Day, Easter, Mother's Day, Christmas Birthdays (all year round for business sustainability).

Threats — products had to be of good quality or they wouldn't sell and didn't want to have dissatisfied customers (customer complaints to be avoided — goods had to be fit for purpose). Cost of any rejected goods (prototype cards would be produced to minimise waste and rejected goods would be recycled — some found to be too heavy to stand, card not thick enough — insufficient planning!); health and safety considerations (agreed that goods with buttons would be hazardous to those under 3 years of age — warnings would be put on goods).

Sales venues — License to sell queried? Might affect suitability of sales locations.

Sales' projections — vulnerable to peaks and troughs? Not a long enough period for production and trading was a real worry.

Costs for raw materials — slow donations after week 1 so had to order some but it was agreed that costs had to be kept to a minimum. Confectionery goods to be bought at whole sale prices, baking goods — use value or own brand products.

27 Jan 2017

Production Line Assembly — First afternoon, required button colour sorting to improve output and make a production line.

3 Feb 2017

Donations of buttons took off. Cards were slow to make — needed to increase production, but how? Reasons discussed: poor focus on task, too much talking perhaps? Class realised that planning to produce a marketable product would take longer than anticipated.

10 Feb 2017

Group workforce motivation — One pupil discussed feeling let down by his group for their poor performance. Further class discussion followed about how in the real workplace, some might have been dismissed, or disciplined by their employers!

Two pupils organised — selection of cake recipe for baking and applied multiplication and ratio work to producing chocolate button cakes in line with business theme.

Another pupil led labelling using ICT for a more professional look to the cards.

Possible next steps discussed

Buttons YPO (wholesale organisation) £7.64

Baking goods for cakes £13.85

Total spent to date: £21.14

Money remaining: £28.86

Donations received of sweets, chocolates, tea lights, as well as the following items for recycling: wall tiles and jars to decorate and sell.

Promotion and advertising of Sales launch — use of school website discussed — concerns about sufficient stocks to meet demand were raised.

School disco suggested as a sales opportunity — speak to PTA (Action required).

Permission not granted to sell at disco therefore decided to begin selling on 'World Book Day' and use 'Golden Button' in sweet crackers to attract customers. Agreed winner would receive £5.

3 March 2017

Trading began 2 March. Good trading — first day's takings amounted to £65.95.

9 March: Class discussion and evaluation of key learning points from the experience of running a commercial enterprise. Agreed that 50% profit be donated to 'Dogs for Good' (our 'Rotakids' chosen charity for this academic year).

10 March: Presentation of prize to the winner of the 'Golden Button' competition in school assembly.

Class Feedback and presentation to Louise Gardham, Sales and Marketing Director of North West Recycling and Brampton Skip Hire to share their learning from the enterprise event.