Hensingham Primary School

So far, the children have decided to raise money for the RSPCA. They have named their business "#Keep calm and love animals" and are making products to sell at a fundraising afternoon on 19th February. They have decided on mugs, top trump cards, dog biscuits and tea towels as their products all with an animal theme.

The class have decided on 4 mug designs which look like the nose and mouth of an animal. These have a comic effect when drank from, as though the person drinking has a beak — or a horse's nose! The pupils have painted the designs and the hashtags onto the mugs. They have also designed the trump cards and written instructions for the packs. They have created a school-wide competition for the tea towel design and will pick a winning image and run this on the tea towel product.

They made posters for the fundraising event and in addition to their products are organising a game stall and a cake sale. They will also have an animal themed non-uniform day coinciding with the fundraising afternoon.

Hannah Fenwick BSc (Hons)
Chemist — Radiochemistry
General Management Graduate Scheme, National Nuclear Laboratory

Here is the latest update from Year 5 at Hensingham Primary School.

Our coffee morning was very successful and we were able to sell all of our products. We completely sold out of all stock. Year 5 managed to raise £415 for the RSPCA, a fantastic amount of money to have collected in one day. Our most popular product was our animal mugs, hand decorated by pupils in Year 5. The product is so popular that customers have requested more. To meet the demands of consumers we are still busy making mugs. We hope to sell them this Friday and add to the total ready for the end of the competition.

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What products did you make and how did you sell them?


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What do you think worked best?


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What did you enjoy most about the project?


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If you were going to do this again, what would you do differently?