Holy Family Catholic Primary School

Hi, my name is Emma Stevens and I am the project manager of the Bright Stars team the 'Holy Family Heros'. We have a meeting on different days to discuss what we are going to do. The first meeting was on the 16th of December and we decided our job roles. Here they are:

Emma Stevens — Managing Director
To be a managing director I will need to be in charge and make sure everyone is doing their job correctly and make sure the team is working together.

Katie Killip — Assistant Manager
Hi. My name is Katie Killip. My job is to help the manager. We will make sure everybody is doing their job correctly and to make sure everything goes right.

Jasmine Killip — Head of Research
I search on the computer for things that we will need to find out and know. I search for the charities and how we might do our events with my group.

Evie Mitchell — Head of Design
To be head of design I need to oversee all the ideas and make the final decision and to advertise and market our business/product.

Financial Director — Hi my name is Joseph Riley
My job is to keep a log of our business money. I record all money we spend and all money we earn. Making sure we make a good profit.

Chloe Smillie — Health and Safety
Hi my name is Chloe Smillie. I look after people and make sure they are doing their job safely and not getting hurt. I will make sure the job is safe.

Tom Stephenson + Joe Tomkinson — Operations Directors
Our role is to make sure the business is running smoothly and the best it can be.

The second meeting was on the 5th January and we got Jasmine (the head of research) to search for some local charities. We decided to select Barrow and district society for the blind for our charity. We record minutes every meeting so we know what we have done on previous meetings. We also meet every Tuesday and Wednesday at lunch time and Wednesday at 3:30 for 1 hour and 15 minutes where we will be meeting Clare Fitzgerald.

Emma Stevens
Managing Director

Hi it's Emma Stevens from Holy Family School. We discussed what project we could do. After a long think this is what we chose:

Out of all those ideas we decided that we should do a healthy tuck shop every morning and afternoon break time. Also we will do the odd bingo or quiz night. We gave everyone a job so here they are:

We chose this because people bring chocolate bars and crisps to school and we need to make a change, so we thought this was the best idea. Our idea for the shop name is SMASHING SMOOTHIES & SUPER SNACKS. We met up with Clare from the North West Evening Mail and she gave us some great ideas. Chloe (our health and safety director) made a check list that we have to tick off before we start. This is what we have to test:



Children are loving the challenge and are working very independent. So independent that i have now been given shopping list and money and asked to buy stock. There is also a financial sheet which I helped them with but they count money and input figures.

Mike Bowker

Hi it's Emma from Holy family. We are just updating you on our project and what we have been doing. We are making 50% on our snacks and 25% on our smoothies. We are all helping to make and sell our products and we believe most people love them. We sell 2 jugs of smoothies every morning. If we have any left over it is all gone by the end of the day. Everyone is enjoying the experience plus everyone has a job. So far we have been shopping twice and we have plenty of stock. Clare has made some amazing posters for us which will help us to sell more. Katie (assistant manager) and I did a presentation in each class.

Emma Stevens
Managing Director




Hi it's Emma from Holy Family School. We are writing to update you on our healthy tuck shop. So far we have made £298.53 and a profit of £248.53 but most of the money is made off the snacks. Recently the smoothies have gone down hill which is leading us to sell 7 a day (at the most.) As the smoothies are not going so well, we have thought of a solution to cut down on the smoothies. To improve the snacks we have added new products to the selection of snacks. We visited the evening mail and we saw where our posters were made and how the news was made. We made our own bill board and they are now all around the school. It was an amazing experience and everyone loved it. We sold lots of products and we were amazed to see that they had lots of pictures from our school in the 19th century with teachers who still teach now. We were very grateful for that wonderful afternoon.

Emma Stevens
Managing Director

A feature in the North West Evening Mail...

Here's a close up that's easier to read...

Hi it's Emma from Holy Family. Just a quick update we are doing good we decided to Make and sell Smoothies on Wednesday and Friday which has turned out to be a great idea as smoothie are selling really well again. We are hoping to do a big celebration event after half term something like quiz night, bingo or disco. Also I have been talking to the team and we were wondering if we could donate £15 of our profit to a help another team in our school that have entered a competition called LEGO Mindstorm. We are deciding to help them because their project is about saving our bees and they use the money to donate to charity and receive Flowers and information on how to make our world better for bees. We were wondering if we are allowed to do that.

Emma Stevens
Managing Director

Hi it's Emma and Katie from Holy Family. We are just updating you on a few exciting new decisions that we have made. Firstly, we would just like to tell you that the healthy tuck shop is going amazing. Next, we have decided on a big ending event that will be held on the 13th March as a last event. This will be a Bingo, Quiz and Disco night. It is £2 on the door and tea, coffee, smoothies, healthy snacks and unhealthy snacks will be sold. We have sent letters out which will hopefully get people interested and Claire from the Evening Mail has made some outstanding posters which we have put all around the school. It will last 1 hour and 30 minutes and it will be 3:30 – 5:00. We have made a checklist to make sure that everything will be done; we will go around class rooms to tell everybody more about it.

Here are our job roles:

We need to:

Emma and Katie

I also would like to say this challenge has been amazing for the children, I love challenging children and bringing the best out of them. This group have worked so independently together and they are so excited about their big event. They also received a letter from the charity the other day, saying that they have heard about the shop and smoothies and the work they have put in and and would love to visit us. I am going to e-mail (or may ask Emma) to invite them to the Big Event night and maybe some children that the charity work with. Can I also thank Clare for all her hard work.

Mike Bowker