Houghton C of E School

Hopefully visiting CWM (Cumbria Waste Group) next week and we have lots of ideas on the go.

We have been busy looking at how much we recycle at Houghton School and what we can do to recycle even more!

Beech class have been monitoring our lunchtime waste and already we have identified that we don't recycle very much. So next week we will be encouraging everyone in school to pop their recyclable waste items into the recycle bin.

Beech class are also writing job application forms to apply for the 'Board of Directors' positions. Next week are the interviews — so watch this space!

Last week we were delighted to be able to visit Cumbria Waste Management's site at Hespin Wood. Beech class (Y3/4) were kitted out in high viz vests and taken around this very large site by Duncan. We were amazed by just how much 'rubbish' can be recycled and the value in rubbish, especially aluminium cans! The children were shown the different parts of the site where the rubbish was separated into plastics, card, paper and metal and they were fascinated by the large machinery which moved the recycled materials around the site. One of the highlights has to be when the children met Eric and his beautiful birds of prey. The birds work on a rota throughout the day to keep the seagulls away from the site — and they do a fantastic job too!

Back at school the children shared their ideas on how we can improve recycling in our school and the children were given job descriptions to apply for the various posts to make up the 'Board of Directors' for our company. We look forward to making the appointments later this week with the support of Linda Macilwraith from CWM (Cumbria Waste Group).

Last week saw 17 interviews take place for our 'Board of Directors'. The children were given job descriptions for posts for which they had to apply in writing. Linda Macilwraith from Cumbria Waste Management helped the Headteacher interview the children which was not an easy task!!

Appointments made, first job in hand was for the Chairperson and Distribution Director to organise their team to distribute recycling bags to every pupil. Over half term, children will be collecting aluminium cans and clothing ready for CWM to collect. The challenge has been set to see which class can collect the greatest weight in cans and clothing. We will let you know how it goes next week!

What a busy week we've had! As part of our business plan, parents and children have been recycling their clothes, bedding, shoes and bags as well as their aluminium cans, ready for collection by Cumbria Waste Management. Houghton School's Board of Directors set the challenge of which class could collect the most recyclable material in just 2 weeks. So far we have collected over 80 bags which out performs all our expectations! The Distribution Director, Dylan, was tasked with ensuring all collection points were manned whilst the H&S Director ensured the storage area was safe from trip hazards! Cumbria Waste Management are collecting our bags next week and they will be weighing each classes' collection and the class with the greatest weight recorded will be the winner!

Next week is the recycled Toy Sale — another busy week ahead!

Friday 10th March 2017

Following on from a very successful recycling project last week, the bags were piled up high in the school hall. On Monday afternoon Cumbria Waste Management collected our bags and took them to Hespin Wood to be weighed. Houghton School will be paid according to the weight. In total 660kg of textiles was collected and 60kg of aluminium cans which is fantastic! Well done to Beech class who collected the most bags — 47 bags in total!

On Thursday we held a Board meeting with the following members:

Board Members

Director of CWM & Chairperson of Houghton School board

During the meeting copies of the weighbridge tickets for the can and textiles were distributed to all members and negotiations began... Houghton School needed to make a deal with CWM! It was a very civilised board meeting and it was agreed that the 60kg of aluminium cans would be sold for £83.00 and the 660kg of textiles for £165.00, bringing a grand total of £248.00, which was rounded up to £250.00

Mr Riddell then made a very generous donation of £100.00 to our charity Maggie's and was chosen by the children to support a child in our school whose family had recently been supported through their Mum's illness.

Our thanks go to CWM for all their support in this fundraising project — but it doesn't stop there! On Friday afternoon we are holding a Cake Sale and Toy Sale (recycling toys) and we are introducing recycling bins for our lunchtimes next week.

Cake Sale

Toy Sale