Petteril Bank Community School

We have started our project. We have chosen to do a mini restaurant and we will persuade people to come in our restaurant. We will put the restaurant in our kitchen or the staff room.

This week we have spent our time writing to companies and local businesses asking them to come in and let us present our ideas to them.

We have also began planning our menus

Grasmere class

We have recently invited Amy Nelson from Bendles. We told her about our project — the restaurant. We told her what charity we have chosen — we have chosen Tiny Lives as some of our school friends have had their lives saved so it means a lot to some of us. We have made our menu for Italian, American, French and Chinese they all look so tempting also they are a bargain. The drinks are only 20p and a meal is £8. The activities are a quiz and other interesting fun games.

By Jodie and Jake

Unfortunately our restaurant idea didn't work. We sent out our booking forms and had booked the venue but we did not get very many replies.

In our class we thought about what else we could use the hall for. We have decided to hold two children's discos, one for Key Stage 1 and one for Key Stage 2. We have charged £2 a ticket and will be selling hot dogs, chips and sweets on the night.

We have also continued with our baking. We have bought all our own ingredients and are making different cakes each week to sell to the children in school. So far we have made brownies and Mars bar cake and have raised £202.50. This week we are baking Bright Stars biscuits and hope to raise another £100.

In addition to these ideas, we are also hosting a sponsored run for the children in the school next week.

Last week we finished our events for our business with a sponsored run and the second of our discos.

The sponsored run was a brilliant success and in just one day we raised £800 to our total.

We also held our second disco, raising an additional £175.

Although we had to change ideas halfway through (our restaurant did not get any bookings) we have still hit our initial target.

We have also changed our initial plan of giving people selected roles. Instead, we decided to rotate through different jobs which gave us all an opportunity to try having a go at everything.

Grasmere class