Ramsden Infants School

We are up and running! All our year groups have contacted parents through Facebook and talked to the children, and every group has a different idea. Nursery are having an auction of some art work they are going to create, Reception are holding a craft workshop and afternoon tea, Year One are holding a 'Moonwalk' that links in with their topic on Space and Year Two are having a Spring Fair. Lumier are coming to talk to staff next week about how they can support their projects and talk to the children about enterprise. Nursery surprised us with their ideas for making money... including 'just ask Mrs Brewerton for some', which they did!

Nicky Brewerton

Thank you for pairing us up with such a fantastic company as Lumier!! Not only have they been really supportive of our chosen activities, they are providing us with resources and contacts that have ensured we are getting jobs done around school that I have been waiting months (and in one case years!) to get done.

All the staff are organised and enthusiastic about their chosen activities. Year Two have changed a full week's curriculum just to ensure the children get the most out of their enterprise.

Nicky Brewerton

Year One have had their 'Moonwalk', brilliantly supported by the lovely chaps from Lumier (unfortunately I don't have access to the photo of Billy painted as Neptune yet). One child reckoned it was 'the best day of my life' and several reckoned it was the first time they had ever been out in the dark (which I'm sure isn't true but it was just so exciting to be in school at night!). They absolutely loved it, especially the torches so many thanks Lumier, they all guided their parents home with them afterwards. The year group raised a staggering £367.40, which is almost as much as the whole school made for their Christmas Fair last year so we are all amazed at that amount!

Next will be Nursery's auction of paintings...Jackson Pollock eat your heart out!

Although it was a very wet afternoon we had a few dedicated art lovers come in to bid for the fabulous pieces created by the Nursery children. One dad had to restrain his son who was getting very carried away! The grand total was £135 but the best bit was the enthusiasm shown by the children in creating their pieces of art and the language used to describe their opinions of the different paintings, future art critics in the making!

Thanks to the chaps from Lumier, they have created a light panel based on the main painting produced by Nursery, and it is just gorgeous!

Next week is Reception's craft afternoon and Year Two's Spring Fair. Year Two have organised all the stalls themselves, worked out costs and written letters to local businesses, resulting in the most amazing prizes for their raffle. Can't wait!

Nicky Brewerton

The Reception class turned their £10 into £114.10! They had crafts that the children had made, tea and coffee and finished the afternoon with bingo. So far we have made over £680 and we still have Year Two's Spring Fair to go. For a school with just 120 children, 35 of them part time, and in the most deprived ward in Cumbria, we have been amazed by the creativity of each year group (the families helped the children choose the activities through social media) and the community spirit.

Roll on Friday where one group have decided on Hook a Duck, which is 10p for one go and 50p for two goes (not sure they have quite got the idea of retail but if they make more money out of it maybe they have got it right!)

Nicky Brewerton

Friday saw the final event which was Year Two's Spring Fair. The children organised and ran all the stalls themselves and the families were patient and supportive in helping the children man the stall and give them the right change. By the end of it even the least confident mathematicians were working it out themselves! The total for the day was £333.04, which is amazing when everything was under 50p! More than that, the excitement and confidence generated by the responsibility was priceless! We have decided that next year's Summer Fair will be run by the children as it was such a good experience for them.

The 'legacy' of being involved has been the fantastic contacts with two really proactive and supportive local firms (Lumier and West Lakes Electrical) and the changes we are going to make to future events e.g. the children organising and running the Summer Fair and a whole school art auction to develop the children's appreciation of famous artists.

Thanks for letting us be involved. That £50 has been the best £50 invested in our school for a very long time!

Nicky Brewerton