Rosley C of E Primary School

Enterprise News Week 1

Children in KS2 started our enterprise work this week thinking about how much waste we throw away both in school and at home. We looked at some different ways in which we could use some of these materials through recycling. It was decided that our project this year would be to make a variety of products from recycled materials to sell.

We divided ourselves into 6 groups, deciding upon the following names for our 'companies': Purple Army, Dabbing Bosses, Team Armstrong, No Name, Too Cool 4 School, and Icy Eagles.

Our sponsor is Armstrong Watson and we had a visit from Steve Pinguey who spoke to us about setting up a business plan. He emphasised how we need to plan carefully against a timeline; make sure that everyone in the groups had clear roles identified and give good consideration to producing quality products which will be priced realistically in order to maximise our profits.

We set about planning and Steve came around each of our groups to give us more handy hints to make our plans work. He also told us that even though we were working in small groups, we should use everyone's skills in order to make our business a success.

We are going to making products such as bird feeders, mobile phone holders, herb containers, piggy banks and much more. We were initially going to hold 2 or 3 sales in school but Mrs Watts suggested that we also hold a coffee morning or afternoon to attract more people from the community and raise even more money towards our chosen charities.

Three of our groups have written up about what they have been up to since the 1st week:

The Dabbing Bosses

As a group, we think we have made good progress in the products we have made so far. These products are of a good quality standard and we are working well as a group. The posters we have made are full of colour and advertising our products well.

We have made lots of hand finished products including: pencil tins, gift boxes, delicate storage tins, cork hearts, plant pots. We have decorated these with decoupage and patterned papers. To finish off the delicate storage tins we sprayed the insides with white paint and added ribbons.

The main event where we will be selling these is a coffee morning on Saturday 11th March in Rosley Village Hall. This starts at 10am and ends at 12 noon. We will be having lots of refreshments, stalls and a second hand stall to celebrate recycling.

Our project is based on recycling because we thought... what could we use that we already have? The idea soon expanded and we came up with our mini business.

The Purple Army

In our group we have been making gift boxes, noughts and crosses and piggy banks. In our group we are making separate things and weren't really working well together for the first 2 weeks. But then we had a vote for a group leader and our leader has really turned this group around.

No Name

So far our group has made 7 cork flowers, 7 flower vases, 2 pencil pots, bird feeders, tea light holders and gift boxes.

... and from Miss Wilson

Our classroom has been a hive of activity. Some people think we are hosting a recycling bank and my colleague Mrs Hayton is being very patient with us and the mounds of 'junk' that have invaded the classroom! It's for a worthy cause! The children have chosen to raise money for Cancer Research and Water Aid.

The Final Push

This Friday saw the children busily finishing off their crafts, with the deadline of Saturday's Coffee Morning looming.

We tested out our bird feeders:

... and worked on arranging our stalls to attract the customers.

We felt particularly pleased with the quality of our goods and reflected on how our teams had worked together. It was all hands on deck during the afternoon and we all helped finish things off across the groups to help make the event a success.

Unfortunately, the herbs we have planted in used milk bottles have not fully germinated yet (they obviously didn't know that there was a deadline to make!) This was a learning point for us. However, it means that even after the competition is over, we can carry on the project and make it more sustainable in continuing to sell our products.

Here are the products we made to sell:

During the week, we had also baked some cakes in school for the coffee morning.

The Big Event

On Saturday morning we arrived at the village hall for the coffee morning and craft sale. We set up and manned the stalls. Some of us sold raffle tickets and items on the 'Bring and Buy' stall. The teachers helped in the kitchen, making teas and coffees whilst we helped in clearing up the cups and saucers.

There were many people at the event including parents, grandparents and other members of our community — it was very well attended.

Some of the products were so popular that we had to take orders when we sold out! We have another 8 cork hearts to make (which means that some of the adults have to drink a little more wine!) Other orders were for bird feeders and tea light holders.

Most of the stalls sold out — those who still have some products left over will be selling these off after school during the week.

We were incredibly pleased with the final count of the money raised and would like to say a huge "thank you" to all those who came and supported this event.

On reflection, the following positive outcomes of this project have been: