St Mary's School Kells

Last week in our first session, we decided to do a thought shower of our ideas to generate crafts and items we think will appeal to buying customers. Through lots of discussion we came up with ideas of items that people would like to buy. We decided to use the themes of up coming events such as Valentine's Day, Easter and Mother's Day.

Over the course of the next few weeks we will be making items to sell such as key rings, badges, coasters, candle holders and mirrors.

The children are all very excited to start this project and have already made an enthusiastic start to the making the items. They have enjoyed sharing ideas and designs and are working as a great business team.

Claire Hillon, Abbie (Dooson) and Stephanie Hetherington
St Mary's Catholic Primary School

Week commencing 31.1.17.

This session was a craft and art session as the children were keen to carry on the badges, keyrings and coasters.

They are making good progress and we are planning to start selling the items next week.

Claire Hillon and Stephanie Hetherington
St Mary's Catholic Primary School

This week the children enjoyed designing and painting Valentine's Day patterns onto coasters and creating key rings to sell for the up coming event.

They have discussed which designs would appeal to both boys and girls and discussed the prices for sale to sell at a fair price while still making a profit.

Sale of our items will commence this week for Valentine's Day.

Here are some photos of the children preparing for the sale.

Claire Hillon and Stephanie Hetherington
St Mary's Catholic Primary School

In this session, the children are busy designing and creating exciting and bright Mother's Day themed candle holders! Children are making the first part of the candle holder today and waiting for them to dry so they can make fancy decorations and patterns on them in the next session.

The children are enjoying sharing their ideas of appealing colours and have experimented making various colours by mixing to make a range of vibrant and pastel designs.

Here are some photos of our designs so far...

What a wonderful time we have had in St Mary's working as a team, making creative crafts and thoroughly enjoying ourselves.

We have made tea light holders, necklaces and bracelets which are Mother's Day themed for sale. We have enjoyed creating attractive pastel/Spring like colours and hope that these are attractive and appealing to sell this week.

As this is our last week, the children have taken to using a democratic approach to choosing who will be carrying the items and selling them this week — they all agreed to choose names from a hat of people who have not had chance to be part of the selling process yet. They have been mature and friendly with their method of deciding who should be part of it this week.

We are sad that this is our final week as we have enjoyed working together. Here are some photos of our team working together and of creative crafts we have made.

Thank you for your support and a huge thank you to Claire and Abi for helping us at St Mary's, Kells, Whitehaven.

Steph Hetherington and Claire Hillon