Seascale School

The children are full of ideas and we have planned a few events. We are keeping a scrapbook and today, some girls have typed an update to let you know what's going on...

Year 6 have been working on ideas for enterprise. The ideas we came up with are:

We have planned a disco for the 9th of February.

We are selling hot dogs, crisps and drinks and will be making money off tickets too.

The tickets are £1. On the 17th of February we are selling Mayan hot chocolate which is linked to our topic. We want to hold a family quiz night but we will need prizes. We hope to plan a date for some of the events listed above.

Year 6

Yesterday, we held a disco. We sold hot dogs, crisps and juice. We raised £172.26. Next week, on Friday 17th, we are planning on selling Mayan hot chocolate which will include chilli because in history, we are studying the Mayans. We will also be selling normal hot chocolate with a choice of marshmallows and cream in case people don't like chilli. Our prices will be:

We have also decided to take over our school's tuck shop for a week. Normally, it sells wraps, brioche, cheese, yogurts and fruit. We are planning to do a special tuck shop where we will sell hot cross buns, fruit salad, cheese and crackers, toast and yogurts. We have planned that the week of our tuckshop will start on the 6th of March.

Year 6

Our Hot Chocolate Sale

On Friday the 17th February we held a hot chocolate sale. It went very well. We raised £89.90

Tuck Shop

Today we have been discussing the prices of our tuck shop next week. We are trying to work out how to make profit on the things people will buy. This will be held on the 6th of March till the 10th of March.


In our fruit salad we will be having:
Banana, apple, oranges, grapes and frozen berries.

This week we held a special tuck shop to help with our Enterprise. We sold a variety of different foods including: toast (with jam or butter), hot cross buns, fruit salad and many others. Our best sellers were toast and hot cross buns. In total from this tuck shop we raised £48.