St Mark's C of E School Natland

The class decided to use their £50 seed money to produce, market and sell a puzzle activity booklet aimed at children.

We have been busy creating a puzzle book to sell to the parents of our school and wider community.

Each child in the class designed and produced a page for the book (overseen, edited and quality checked by the Creative Advisors).

Here are some pictures...

The children designing the puzzle pages

Our enterprise project is coming along nicely. We've found a printer for our booklets and information has gone out to the local community via the school newsletter. We've also decided which charity 50% of the profits will be going to (Macmillan Cancer Support).

We are also holding an assembly this Friday to market the product to the rest of the school.

Christopher Raymond
St.Mark's Primary, Natland

And here's the finished result... (Click to open)

Our Logistics Coordinators contacted numerous printing companies to get quotes for prices and in the end decided to use Queen Katherine School. They were produced for £1.28 per unit.

Our Financial Advisors set a price of £2.50 for our booklet, meaning a profit of £1.22 per unit.

We sold 29 booklets on pre-order (mostly to parents of our class) which meant we could afford to print 95 booklets (based on the £50 seed money plus the money from the pre-orders).

Our Financial Advisors then calculated that, if we manage to sell all these booklets, we will make a profit of £115.90. However, they also took into account the resources used in drafting and producing the content (e.g. paper, coloured pens etc) at £13.50, which would bring us to a final figure of £102.40 — more than doubling our initial seed fund.

In order to sell the remaining booklets, our Marketing Assistants then held a special assembly to market the product to the rest of the school and our Media Relations team drafted a piece for the school newsletter and a text message to go out to all the parents of the school.

We are currently in the process of taking the final few orders but predict to have sold all the booklets by the end of trading on Monday.

Our Company Director (Poppy) and Deputy Director (Matty) did a great job of overseeing the whole project and keeping everybody on track.

The booklets have been so successful that we have decided to reinvest the profits and do a second print run. Unfortunately these profits will be made after the deadline for the Bright Stars project but the children are so keen they want to carry on regardless.

School and Coulson Associates are currently in the process of arranging for the children to visit the business and have a tour/discuss enterprise.

Year 6
St.Mark's CE Primary School, Natland