Upperby Primary School

Ideas session. The kids were literally chock a block full of ideas from bedside table making, karate competitions, discos to what seemed like a very popular throwing of sponges at the teacher event!

David Mackay
Executive Assistant
Carlisle Brass

Upperby Primary School are having at least one event every week! They are running an after-school cinema club once a week, they are also on each week having a different business, one week selling cakes, the next kids making hot dogs to sell and other such events.

They have also written to local supermarkets to ask about donating fruit to have a healthy tuck shop each day. Tesco, ASDA and Morrisons have all agreed however whether they agree to the 500 pieces each that the school have asked for is another matter! The kids have decided to culminate all this into investing in one final event where they are hoping to set up two halls for the kids to have an end of trading disco, nerf battle area and the seemingly very popular idea of paying to throw sponges at the teachers!

A poster for our event...

And tickets...

And here we are enjoying ourselves...