Victoria Junior School

Here at Victoria Junior School we are busy preparing to hold our very first gift shop.

We have decided, alongside NNL, to run a gift making business.

All 275 pupils, in 11 classes, are involved in some way in producing something to sell.

Our first gift shop will be held on the 10th February in preparation for Valentines day.

Gillian Spokes
Deputy Head Teacher, Victoria Junior School

Today at Victoria Junior School we held our first gift shop sale.

All 11 classes were involved in some way and the theme was Valentines day.

Year 3 pupils made red, fluffy pom poms.

Year 4 pupils made ceramic hearts, Valentine cup cakes, book marks, glass tea light holders as well as cards.

Year 5 pupils made truffles, chocolate coated marshmallow, photo frames and jewellery.

Year 6 made love heart biscuits.

We raised a fantastic amount of money which will now be used to purchase items to assist in our making of items for our next gift shop.

We are holding another gift shop sale next week so hopefully we will raise some more for our chosen charity — Mountain Rescue.

Gillian Spokes
Deputy Head Teacher, Victoria Junior School

After our Valentine's day gift shop we have been busy planning and making for our next venture.

We are holding a Mother's Day gift shop on Friday 24th March.

As with the previous gift shop all 11 classes and 280 pupils have been sharing ideas and working collaboratively to plan what they are going to sell, a huge effort has been made by everyone in school.

Classes have been working out the best amount to sell them for to make a profit and one class even managed to get a local business — Fearon's flowers — to support them. They have kindly donated the gift bags and ribbon for the truffle makers so 'Thank you' to Fearon's flowers.

A couple of classes came up with wonderful advertising campaigns, which they delivered to all classes.

We have been learning about the cost of the materials we have used to make our items and working out the profit.

This is what we will be producing for our next gift shop:

We have once again enjoyed taking part in Bright Stars and hope to raise as much money as possible for our chosen charity.