Eastman Chemicals

Eastman Chemicals

What was the problem?

Managers working in technical organisations tend to progress as a result of their technical ability and natural leadership skills; the softer skills are often an afterthought. We needed some theoretical grounding for our managers to grow and develop their leadership and management skills and interact with peers in other, often very diverse organisations.

How did CfLP help?

The centre offers the Eastman management team as well as other local business access to inspirational leaders through their FREE Masterclasses with subsidised follow-on courses that provide targeted training at multiple levels in the organisation.

Masterclass themes have included: decision making under pressure, leading teams, collaboration and managing performance.

The Eastman Management team have attended the following short courses:

  • Mercer workshop on Performance Management
  • University of Cumbria / Lakes College short course on Performance Management
  • Coping & Decision Making Under Pressure
  • Building High Performing Teams
  • Driving Innovation & Creativity within a Team

Programme Impact

  • Revitalised thinking in the organisation which normally experiences little such contact outside the corporation.
  • Bringing together our new and experienced managers in a shared learning environment.
  • These activities help in growing the organisation's intellectual capital.
  • The theoretical grounding provides a platform for managers to grow their leadership and management skills and interact with peers in other, often very diverse organisations.
  • Preparing the leaders of the future.
  • Short courses help in providing targeted training at multiple levels in the organisation.
  • The Masterclasses have provided opportunities to learn from experts in order to improve leadership and management practice.
  • Enabled managers to collaborate with other local leaders in the area, build relationships, share knowledge and ideas.
  • Provided the client with useful skills and tools that can be applied back in the work place.
  • Identified areas of learning relevant to them that could be implemented and embedded back in the workplace.
  • Motivated and inspired the team.


' I think the Centre is a terrific asset, and the quality of the input they offer is remarkable, not just in terms of the Masterclasses but other short courses and which I have attended with members of the Eastman Management team. '

' The real test of this sort of initiative is if it stays with you and helps you do your job better, and that's certainly been our experience. You learn something new from each of these events, you take something away and even if you apply small lessons as you go along it makes a real difference. '

' To have that right on your door step is hugely beneficial. '

Peter Roberts, Site Manager, Eastman Chemicals

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