NDA Executive Leadership Programme

An 8 month programme for the Executive Leadership team aimed at developing the executive team's collective and individual performance.

Research by the Centre fed the design of a programme that aimed to improve cohesiveness, working relationships, trust and effectiveness of the executive and between executive and senior management. It included:

  • Project team sessions Leadership learning was built around executives working to solve real business issues through project teams.
  • Coaching The coaching was designed to support individual learning and development and allow for reflection on the learning that took place during the course of the programme.
  • Master classes These were organised to give access to knowledge, stimulate thinking and improve leadership and management practice.
  • Meeting Observations and Individual Reviews A 'meeting review' model to encourage the executive to regularly review and reflect on its own performance was designed and employed as part of this process.

A thorough evaluation of the programme was conducted that demonstrated that significant progress had been made by the Executive towards becoming a more effective unit and as individual leaders within the organisation.

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