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Wednesday August 7, 2019

Great news from Cumbria Local Enterprise Partnership about creation of a shadow board. Info in PDF and link attached to view on LEP website:

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Monday June 24, 2019

Here is information on a Creative Careers Event with Hello Future on Weds 10th at Energus. This provides a great opportunity for students to meet professionals working in the creative sector.
There are workshops & taster sessions - ideal for students who want to find out more about careers in arts and culture!
Ideal for some of our DreamPlacement alumni to explore options.

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Friday June 21, 2019

The Latest from My Future Choice News


Our popular, affordable Higher Education programme is a dynamic tool which supports sixth form students all the way from deciding on a course which interests them, to writing that all-important personal statement.


MyCareerChoices is our guidance programme for students in Year 10 and 11. It analyses individual student response to 300 questions and produces an Interest Profile based on over 40 broad career areas.


MyAptitude is a psychometrically based aptitude test which gives students valuable insights into the work and careers best suited to their skills and interests.


MyFirstChoices is a careers introduction programme for Year 8 and 9 designed to inspire students into thinking and learning about the many careers out there that may interest them.

Higher Education

Britain's Highest Paying Degrees, According to Graduate Salary.

You may well be thinking of Oxbridge excellence in Law or Economics, but some of the highest paying jobs actually come from lesser known institutions.

How Universities use your Medicine Personal Statement

Many potential medics may well be working on their personal statements already. Find out how universities will use them in the admissions process.

Why it Doesn't Matter if Your Student Loan is £30,000 or £3million

Students and their parents have obsessed over the size of university loans for years, but Moneysavingexpert founder Martin Lewis explains that for most people, the amount you borrow 'is a complete irrelevance'

'Don't Focus on Prestige': Students' Tips for Choosing the Right University

11 current students talk about what they wish they had known when choosing a university.


How to Become an Economist

If your students have a knack for breaking down complex information and thinking critically, a career as an economist may well be for them.

What Jobs Can I do in Travel and Tourism?

Travel and Tourism jobs cover a wide spectrum. Peter Jenkins, Managing Director of Sun-Hat Villas and Resorts explains what he has learned during 35 years in the industry.

Careers Website for Parents

Parental Guidance is a web site designed to provide support and careers information to parents and carers, many of whom feel at a loss about the best way to advise the young people in their care.

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Wednesday June 19, 2019

Specsavers Whitehaven are pleased to offer work experience placements to students during both Year 10 and Year 12.

We are fully insured to offer this opportunity and advise that students will be shadowing experienced members of staff.

Specsavers offer a vast number of career opportunities from retail and customer service to laboratory technicians, optometrists and management.

During their placement, students will learn all about our working day such as making appointments, performing spectacle repairs, assisting to pre-test patients in preparation for their sight test, sitting in on sight tests, aiding patients choose glasses, learning how spectacles are glazed and finally providing patients with their new products. We also perform hearing checks and contact lens tutorials.

Our line of work can offer students an insight into the world of optics and also be educational.

For further information, please contact Beth Hully on 01946 598 190.

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