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Dream Placement 2018

The Dream Placement Scheme gives you an insight into the world of work with a leading Cumbrian employer. But this is not just a simple work-experience scheme. You will get a unique opportunity to see how the senior teams and leaders of industry go about dealing with the challenges they face. Dream Placement brings together young students of Cumbria with some of the most forward-looking and successful businesses in the county. It's your chance to learn vital leadership skills, boost your confidence and see a glimpse of how your working life could be in 10 years' time.

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Dream Placement 2018

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Register Organisation For the host companies taking part in the Dream Placement scheme, this is a chance to connect with the young people of the county and show them how exciting and challenging working life can be. The Centre for Leadership Performance can help match you with the right student and also assist with the structure of the placement week. The most important thing is that the placement should give the student a taste of what it is like being a leader in your company.

View or download the brochure

View or download the Dream Placement 2018 brochure...

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Growing from Strength to Strength
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What People Say About Dream Placement

' Dream Placement is all about creating aspirations and developing Cumbria's highest potential sixth formers into tomorrow's leaders. Candidates build their confidence and skills as well as experiencing how companies and their leaders operate. This ultimately helps them to set their own career aspirations for the future. '
Al Wilson, CfLP General Manager

' To anyone taking part or thinking of taking part in the future, I would just say do it. Because there are very few opportunities like it. '
Flo Hanlon, now an apprentice at Sellafield Ltd

' Dream Placement is now in its fourth year of operation. It really does fill the void between the aspiration of young students still in full time education and the career that beckons for them in the future. In comparison work placements and other opportunities to sample what is on offer out in the work arena this scheme sets itself apart. This is many ways because of the type of employers that have signed up to support the scheme. Many are repeating their offers over the short life of the programme but they have already seen the benefits. Some of our brightest talent has been engaged with a diverse range of employers throughout the County. Shortlisting in an anonymised form is very challenging for the judges as the bar is set very high in this particular contest. All of the original applicants would have benefited from the experience of working alongside some of the best talent that we have in the County and those who have then made that shortlist should realise that getting to this stage in what is a competitive situation is no mean achievement in itself.

At the end of the process videos of the experience and presentations are made by the successful cohort and at this final staging everyone can see the benefits that have been gained by participating in the programme. The participants have their self esteem raised to new levels and that aspiration that they had at the early stages has now turned into inspiration for the individual to succeed at whatever they choose to do for a career in the future. Those who have participated in the scheme fully acknowledge that for them this truly has been a "Dream Placement" '
John Grainger, Stakeholder Relations Director, Britain's Energy Coast Business Cluster

Read What Previous Dream Placement Students Said

' I believe that Dream Placement was a strong contributing factor as to why I am now a Project Management Apprentice with the company. I now have the opportunity to gain a degree while being in a secure job that will allow me to progress through the company's hierarchy. I cannot thank CfLP enough for their advice, direction and knowledge throughout the period. This is an opportunity every teenager should grab with two hands. '
Florence Hanlon, Project Management Apprentice, Sellafield Ltd
Former Dream Placement winner

' I was fortunate enough to be offered a number of apprenticeships over summer from different companies and I have no doubt that Dream Placement helped with this. As soon as it is mentioned the people conducting the interview suddenly take much more notice and are keen to hear about it. You can tell the placement is held in high regard by employers, local and further afield. '
Callum Foster, Cockermouth school student, REACT Engineering

' It has made me more confident, as well as provided some valuable skills such as presentational skills and timekeeping skills that will be very useful for university. '
West Cumbria Catholic Sixth Form student, NSG

' Dream Placement has prepared me for being in similar situations later in life, being in interviews or being in a workplace. It has boosted my confidence in these areas. '
Millom School student, BAE Systems

' I've had a fantastic week with some really great people, thanks to everyone at CfLP for making that happen. The CN Group's absolutely wonderful. I've had a lot of interesting experiences so far and I'm really glad I applied for a Dream Placement. I know the other students who took part in Dream Placement will feel the same. '
Ashleigh Huddart, Dream Placement student, CN Group

' I would just like to say thank you very much for such a fascinating week at NNL. I found it extremely interesting and I have definitely achieved the goals which I had set on the preparation day. I feel very lucky to have experienced every part of last week and meeting very important members of NNL who have an extremely important role in the company and listening to their guidance to a career in science. It is called a dream placement for a reason and I was delighted to have experienced every part of it. '
Tom Wright, St Bees School, NNL Workington

' I knew I was interested in project management and the nuclear industry but I didn't know exactly what it involved. React designed the week to suit my interests and I have had a great opportunity that I would never have got if I hadn't entered the Dream Placement Scheme. I now know that I want to pursue a career in this industry and hope to keep in contact with everyone at React. '
Callum Foster, Cockermouth School, React Engineering

' My placement with CCF was absolutely brilliant; I was generally quite emotional on the Friday that I had to leave. '
Daniel Nixon, St Benedict's, NMP / Cumbria Community Foundation

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