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Dream Placement 2020

Are you a student living or studying in Cumbria? The Dream Placement Scheme gives you an insight into the world of work with a leading Cumbrian employer. But this is not just a simple work-experience scheme. You will get a unique opportunity to see how the senior teams and leaders of industry go about dealing with the challenges they face. Dream Placement brings together young students of Cumbria with some of the most forward-looking and successful businesses in the county. It's your chance to learn vital leadership skills, boost your confidence and see a glimpse of how your working life could be in 10 years' time.

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Organisations Offering Dream Placements in 2020

Organisations Offering Dream Placements in 2020

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Register Organisation For the host companies taking part in the Dream Placement scheme, this is a chance to connect with the young people of the county and show them how exciting and challenging working life can be. The Centre for Leadership Performance can help match you with the right student and also assist with the structure of the placement week. The most important thing is that the placement should give the student a taste of what it is like being a leader in your company.

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