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Albion Square Workshops


Free workshops aimed at helping Whitehaven businesses engage with a new influx of customers and also to use social media more effectively were welcomed as 'fantastic' and 'absolutely brilliant' by traders who got lots of new ideas on how to 'click' with customers.

The workshops were designed to deliver business support in response to the feedback from the 'Know Your Customer' event in July. They were organised by the Centre for Leadership Performance as part of the coordinated preparation by Copeland Borough Council, Sellafield Ltd, Nuclear Decommissioning Authority and Britain's Energy Coast for the arrival of 1,300 Sellafield workers at the new Albion Square office complex.

Mandy Riley, manager at the Wilkinson's store in Whitehaven gave a presentation looking at Customer Segmentation and really understanding your customer. The workshop covered a range of different topics including how to recognise and handle different types of customer – ranging from the chatty individual who wants to talk about their purchase to the 'I'm in a hurry' lunchtime shopper who just wants to get in and out as quickly as possible. It also included role-play and plenty of hands-on activity to ensure everyone got involved.

More than 20 representatives from local businesses attended the social media workshops in the Beacon Harbour Gallery presented by Keith McMean one of the UK's most respected social marketing experts.

Areas covered included building a business profile, attracting the 'right' people on social platforms, the importance of quality content, creating events, what to do when things go wrong, measuring what's working and what to do when it's not.

The workshops were facilitated by the Centre for Leadership Performance in partnership with Britain's Energy Coast (BEC) and Copeland Borough Council.

' Social media will be a vital tool to help traders engage with the Sellafield workers who are coming to Whitehaven, and make them more aware of what the town has to offer. The use of social media and on-line marketing by the businesses which attended the event ranged from none-at-all to quite sophisticated but they all took away something useful from the event. '
Al Mather, Former Managing Director of CfLP

' Many of the smaller traders in Whitehaven find it very hard to make room in their busy schedules for this type of activity, but it is hugely satisfying after all the hard work by ourselves and the major stakeholders to see them responding in such a positive way. It has been great to see local shop owners coming together to share best practice and support each other for the good of their town. '
Sarah Glass, the Centre for Leadership Performance

' Every business in Whitehaven has a part to play in welcoming the Sellafield workers coming to Albion Square and everyone at the workshop demonstrated that they are willing and able to raise their game to make the most of this terrific opportunity for the town. '
Gordon Osbaldestin, Dixons Head of Property

' The workshops provide the perfect opportunity to share and build our knowledge and skills base in an engaging yet informal setting. The information is reflective of the needs of our local community and delivered by individuals who understand those needs. In addition they are also proving to be a useful setting for expanding local businesses networks. '
Wendy Black, The Rum Story

' I wasn't sure what to expect – but it was a really useful reminder; we all know what we have to do when it comes to customer service and going that extra mile but we don't do it all of the time. We can go back with some really useful advice to share with our other staff members. '
Jo Chillcot, Café West

' Fantastic – absolutely brilliant ... I have always used Facebook but didn't know much about other social media platforms or got a grip on Twitter. That's now going to change. The presenter broke down the information so that it was easy to understand and provided lots of ideas. '
Denver Watson, Owner Café Wellington Bistro

' I was obviously aware of social media but thought it would not help my business. However, the presentation has opened my eyes to the opportunities and I am looking forward to learning more and attending future workshops to become more active in promoting the business on the internet. '
Craig Kershaw, Kershaw's Health Foods

' The workshop was very informative and helped us to understand what social media is about and what we need to help our businesses grow. '
Joanne Duddy, The Flower Basket

' We are part of a retail group but the other stores are in Yorkshire so we have already created our own Facebook page for Whitehaven. There were some good tips on improving how we use Facebook, but I also got a lot of information about Twitter and Pinterest and there is obviously much more we can do. '
Kay Stanley, Millbry Hill Country Store

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