Cumbria's Rising Stars 2014

Cumbria's Rising Stars

Mayfield School

Mayfield School

Week 1

We are a mixed class of 13 students ranging from year 3 to year 6. All the students in class have learning difficulties among other medical needs

Our first week has been very busy! We had a meeting at the start of the week and decided to organise 3 events, these are:

  • A sunflower competition for all the classes in school
  • A duck race in our school pool
  • An Easter coffee morning

Mayfield School

Week 2

On second week we made a profit!

We made 20 sunflower packs and sold them to each class and other staff in school for £3 each making nearly £50 profit!

Everyone in school is excited to plant their seeds and get started with the competition.

We have also made a book of our journey so far with lots of pictures and writing.

Mayfield School

Week 3

This week we have been busy planning a duck race. This will take place in our school pool on Friday 4th April.

We decided to design our own posters and send one home with a letter to each pupil asking them to buy a duck for £1.

So far we have sold 63 ducks!

Our ducks cost 23p each so we know we will make a profit. Our prize will be a giant Easter egg.

Mayfield School

Mayfield School

Week 4

What a busy week!

This week we prepared for our duck race, in total we sold 72 ducks!

We had to number each duck and count the money. We also had to choose a prize for the winner!

On Friday we had our duck race in the school pool. Amelia Cass won the prize of a GIANT EASTER EGG!!!!

Mayfield School

Mayfield School

Mayfield School

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