Cumbria's Rising Stars 2014

Cumbria's Rising Stars

St Bridget's, Brigham

St Bridgets Primary School

We at St Bridget's have been buzzing with ideas for how to make our money grow. Our initial ideas include, making items to sell at our Easter Fair, a sponsored football tournament, a sponsored spelling bee, a piece of artwork that people can pay to be included in and baking cakes and biscuits to sell in school.

We are having our first event this week, we have challenged children and parents to help us create a coin trail with spare change they may have. We have set them a distance challenge to beat too!

Our coin trail challenge was a huge success. We challenged children and parents to donate spare change to us and to try and create a 30m trail. In fact we made a trail that was 88m long!!!! Wow!!! We raised over £80 in the coin trail.

Our next activity was a 'design an Easter Egg' competition. Lots and lots of children paid to enter their designs and a first and second prize was given in each class. The entries were very impressive and the children had a really difficult time choosing winners. We raised over £30!!

We have also had the children baking and selling their cakes at playtime. The children really enjoyed this and made a superb £35.70 (so far).

It is our easter cafe (fair) at school tomorrow and the children have decorated ceramic pots and made bracelets to sell there. We also have a guess how many eggs are in the jar competition too!

Our ongoing word art project is proving popular and we have had lots of people sending in their contributions for it so hopefully we will raise lots of money doing this too.

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