Leadership at Lunch with Pauline Clare
Transformational Leadership
and Emotional Intelligence

Pauline Clare (right), Al Mather, Anita Wild, Kevin Foley

Leadership at Lunch speaker Pauline Clare is pictured (right) with Centre for Leadership Performance Managing Director Al Mather, Anita Wild representing Women in Management, and Kevin Foley from the Institute of Management.

Business leaders within Cumbria had the opportunity to share the experience and insight of former Lancashire Chief Constable Pauline Clare at the 'Leadership at Lunch' event organised by the Centre for Leadership Performance on April 24 at the Samuel Lindow Building in the West Lakes Science Park.

The event was sponsored by the Chartered Management Institute and Women in Management as part of their support for leadership and business growth in Cumbria and Britain's Energy Coast. The Centre is funded by Nuclear Management Partners.

Pauline Clare Masterclass Pauline Clare's masterclass explored two approaches to leadership — transformational leadership and the role of emotional intelligence — drawing upon her wealth of knowledge and experience as the UK's first female Chief Constable and now a respected business and development coach.

She says: "Emotional intelligence is not about being 'touch feely' in management; it enables leaders to listen effectively, to demonstrate empathy and to challenge the way that people are thinking about issues within business. It also enables people to tap into data from emotions in ourselves and others, to make better decisions and get the best out of the people who work for us.

"Emotional intelligence is a vital element within the competency framework for managers and leaders yet it is often overlooked or misunderstood. Ultimately it is another vital tool in helping people to manage more effectively, and enhance their management style."

The Leadership at Lunch programme is designed by the Centre for Leadership Performance to make masterclasses more accessible to business. Centre Managing Director Al Mather explains: "Our Masterclass programme has been a huge success, but with businesses increasingly under pressure it is sometimes difficult for companies to release their staff during the working day. Leadership at Lunch enables business people to get invaluable knowledge and insight into leadership skills during a lunch break, and we are making it even more accessible by taking events into the workplace or a company environment."

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