Bespoke Leadership Programmes

Companies and organisations have the opportunity to benefit from development and training built around the specific needs of their business and delivered on their own site with Bespoke Leadership Programmes from the Centre for Leadership Performance.

The Centre has created a successful model that involves working in partnership with the client company or organisation to understand needs and priorities. That ensures the programme is embedded to perfectly integrate with client culture and operation.

Bespoke programmes are delivered through a proven process:

  • Diagnostic phase and consultation with key stakeholders
  • Programme design
  • Delivery of programme through a team of highly experienced and quality assured providers
  • Ongoing evaluation

Activity may include:

  • Modular leadership development to address the specific issues of the client organisation
  • Workshops
  • Action learning sets
  • Coaching
  • Team development
  • Work shadowing
  • Meeting observations
  • Identifying and coaching High Performing Teams

Benefits: How the Bespoke programme delivers:

  • The Centre delivers leadership development needs designed with the client to achieve positive change and achieve business priorities
  • Organising activity locally or on the client's own site avoids the disruption of leaders and managers spending time away
  • The Centre works with an extensive network of providers, experts, inspirational leaders, business schools and universities to deliver the right solutions for each client organisation
  • Detailed and meticulous project management includes key Centre staff being on hand to offer advice and flex interventions as required

Case Studies

Read about how CfLP helped Eastman Chemicals.

Read about how CfLP helped with the Albion Square project.

Read about how CfLP helped GSK Ulverston.

What People Say

' Continued development of our leaders at GSK Ulverston is something that I feel very passionately about and is aligned to our strategy to 'invest in our winning team'. Therefore, I grabbed the opportunity to work with the Centre for Leadership Performance on their bespoke leadership development programmes. These programmes are proving instrumental in helping accelerate the development of our first-line leaders." '
Phil Wilson, Site Director, GSK Ulverston

' This was an excellent day, delivered very professionally — a positive start that I believe will make a real difference to the business. Thank you CfLP. '
Battlefield Holdings

' It has helped me to get to the crux of discussions and to get me to think what impact I am having '
Nuclear Decommissioning Authority

' More questioning but in a good way — critical friend rather than cynical critic '
Nuclear Decommissioning Authority

' We have definitely improved as a result of the programme and we are more self-aware. '
Nuclear Decommissioning Authority

To Find Out More

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