Leader to Leader Programme (L2L) FAQs

Our next Leader to Leader cohort starts soon.

Places are limited, so please contact the Centre now on 01900 824 822 or email info@cforlp.org.uk to register your interest in joining this unique leadership development programme.



What makes this programme so successful?

L2L offers a unique combination of elements which create a powerful, intensive and highly beneficial learning environment. These elements include:

  • An experiential approach — participants learn from the shared experience of the programme and the life and work experiences of the other delegates (definitely not 'talk & chalk')
  • Delegates working closely with each other in a supportive environment, offering feedback on style and sharing reflections and thinking
  • A programme which is designed to respond to the participants' learning needs. There are fixed elements of the programme, but it evolves and changes as learning and issues emerge. The participants and the facilitators co-create a unique learning environment for that group, therefore making the activity more relevant to the participants and ensuring ownership of the outcomes. This modular approach allows those taking part to apply the learning as they go along, and feed issues or challenges to the learning back into the programme

What are the benefits of participating in L2L?

Each delegate brings their own learning aims to be focused on during the programme, and shares their own skills and experience for the benefit of their fellow delegates.

Feedback on the value of the L2L process includes:

  • Exposure to cutting-edge learning and practice in leadership and management
  • Leaders developing individual competence in a unique and practical way
  • Opportunity to apply new thinking, from different perspectives, to relevant organisational and business issues
  • Access to a strong and collaborative network of L2L alumni
  • Learning through the engagement of participants from diverse businesses and organisations to work on strategic business issues
  • Opportunity to address key business issues, and learn about and practice new approaches to leadership and organisational development
  • A confidential and collaborative learning environment offering a unique opportunity to network with participants from diverse sectors and learn from their experiences and perspectives
  • Peer feedback on each delegate's individual style

What has been the impact of L2L for participants?

  • Increased confidence in leadership approach
  • Ability to delegate more
  • Increased reflection and evaluation skills
  • Increased awareness of self and impact of style on others
  • Appreciation of other leaders and the different challenges they face
  • Learning new tools and techniques to use in the workplace
  • Developing a clear understanding of what makes an effective leader
  • Greater respect from their individual teams
  • Enhanced ability to lead and influence change
  • Improved ability to influence stakeholders
  • Widening professional network opportunities
  • Understanding how to empower their team and make them more self-driven
  • The time and space to 'breathe and be themselves'
  • A realisation of the importance of trust, and recognising different types of trust
  • Learning to listen
  • Learning the difference between leadership and management

Who is the programme aimed at?

The L2L programme is designed for senior managers, heads of division/service/unit and high-potential middle managers with 8-10 years' experience. However the management level per se is not as important as our commitment to ensuring that any particular cohort has the right combination of delegates who possess leadership potential — so please discuss your requirements with us.

Do delegates require previous formal Leadership & Management training?

No — delegates on previous cohorts have come from a variety of backgrounds ranging from having no previous formal training to highly trained and qualified individuals. The experiential nature of the programme ensures that it is suitable for a broad range of participants, even within the same cohort.

What are the elements of the programme?


The programme includes one 2-day workshop (including an overnight stay) and 5 x 1-day workshops. During these workshops relevant leadership insights, models and thinking are shared with the group and the experience is facilitated by talented and credible leadership and business experts.

Consultancy Challenge

Delegates work together on a specific strategic issue that they choose. Workshop sessions will share tools, models and new knowledge to help participants work on the issues as well as providing time for discussion and action. Delegates will then complete the Consultancy Challenge in their own time and will report back the impact of this challenge at the end of the programme.



Each delegate will be partnered with another from a different organisation. They will 'shadow' each other, observing their partner in their role in the workplace and provide feedback. Delegates will be introduced to the concept of shadowing and will be paired up during workshop one.

Action Learning

Action Learning is a powerful question and answer-based forum which offers participants continued personal development, the opportunity to work on individual issues and helps to embed learning within their organisation.

Who is 'The Sponsor' and what is their role?

The sponsor is usually either the person within the delegate's organisation who has commissioned the place on the programme for the delegate, or the delegate's line manager.

The role of the sponsor varies depending on the amount they want to be involved in the programme and the delegate's development. A minimum requirement is:

  • Attending a pre-programme set-up meeting to discuss the programme, understand each other's expectations and discuss shadowing preferences
  • Attending a meeting to discuss and agree on the Consultancy Challenge issue
  • Attending an event at the end of the programme where delegates will report back to sponsors and other representatives from their organisation on the Consultancy Challenge and other learning outcomes from the programme
  • Taking an on-going interest in their delegate's attendance on the programme

What is the lead-in time?

To enable the selection of the most suitable combination of delegates for a cohort it is preferable that CfLP is aware of your interest at least 2 months before a cohort starts. We will induct delegates (via an email info pack followed by a 1 hour one-to-one meeting) 2-4 weeks before the start of the programme. The sponsor pre-programme set-up meeting is usually also 2-4 weeks before the start of the programme.

How are the shadowing pairings done?

Shadowing pairings are made with consideration of the following factors:

  • The delegate's individual learning aims
  • The preferences of the sponsor
  • Any geographical, security or conflict-of-interest issues
  • CfLP's knowledge and experience of which pairings work best

What is the time commitment required of the delegate?

The success of the L2L programme hinges, to a great extent, on the enthusiasm and commitment of the delegates. It is therefore important that delegates agree to be fully committed to all elements of the programme. All delegates are expected to attend all workshops and to keep their commitments with their shadowing partners.

Compulsory workshop programme elements

The programme runs over an eight month period. There are six workshops and a final event which makes a total of eight full days including one overnight stay. All elements are delivered locally in West Cumbria.

Compulsory extra-curricular elements

Whilst most of the programme work takes place within the above workshops, delegates are expected to dedicate some of their own time to extra-curricular activities to fully benefit from the programme. The amount they commit varies but, inevitably, the more they are able to put in, the more they will get out.

One-to-ones: All delegates will undertake a 1-hour one-to-one with the Programme Leader before the programme starts and again half-way through the programme. This can be done by phone or Skype if necessary.

Shadowing: All delegates are expected to undertake shadowing with at least one other delegate (one day during the first half of the programme). Preparation for, and reflection of, this element will be carried out within the workshop programme.

Consultancy Challenge: All delegates are expected to participate in the Consultancy Challenge. Some of the development work is carried out within the programme but the bulk of the work will be carried out in the delegates' own time during the second half of the programme. Exactly what role each delegate plays, and consequently how much time is required, will vary from project to project and from delegate to delegate but a minimum would be around 3 working days (2-3 hours a week during the second half of the programme). Like much of the Leader to Leader programme, the Consultancy Challenge is open-ended and participants should expect to take responsibility for the amount they put in. In this way it mirrors much of a leader's choices, priorities and personal time management skills.

Optional extra-curricular elements

Additional reflection & evaluation: Whilst there is plenty of opportunity for reflection and evaluation within the programme of workshops, delegates may wish to put more time to this outside of the programme.

Additional Consultancy Challenge work: There will always be opportunity for delegates to spend more time on the Consultancy Challenge should they be willing and able to do so.

Additional Shadowing: Many delegates are keen to learn as much as they can from their peers and may choose to do additional shadowing days with other delegates.

Continuation of Action Learning: Some delegates find the Action Learning that is carried out within the workshops so beneficial that they choose to continue running their own sessions after the programme ends.


Over the eight month programme the minimum time commitment is 12.5 days (including one overnight stay). The average time commitment is around 15 days. This is pretty much evenly spread over the programme.

If you would like more information on the Leader-to-Leader programme, please email info@cforlp.org.uk or phone 01900 824 822 and a team member will be in touch.

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