Learn to Lead
A one year placement programme for post A level students

CfLP has expanded on the success of the Dream Placement programme (a 1 week placement for local 16-18 year olds in local businesses) by developing a Learn to Lead programme (a 1 year placement for local 18-19 year olds). Building on the leadership theme of Dream Placement, where the students undergo leadership and personal development before placement, the Learn to Lead programme grows the leadership and soft skills of young people throughout the year-long programme with a series of development and support activities.

Anecdotal evidence tells us that students in Cumbria are provided with little, if any, significant or useful careers information whilst at school. Recent research carried out by the Leader to Leader programme also showed that many young people in Cumbria are unaware of the careers available for them locally. Companies tell us they want to employ local people, but they struggle to attract them with many local youngsters going away to university and not coming back. We have also been made aware of the problem for companies in retaining non-Cumbrian graduates.

Employers also tell us that the young people they do attract can often be technically competent and have the required qualifications but lack self-awareness, confidence and aspiration for leadership and management roles. Essentially this is the problem that Learn to Lead addresses.

Benefits of the Learn to Lead Programme

Benefits to companies:

  • Access to trained and developed young people at a low cost
  • Fantastic PR opportunities to demonstrate their commitment to the local community and to show a young, dynamic, forward-thinking workforce
  • Safe and easy way to try out new talent — 'try before you buy!'
  • Opportunity for them to identify potential future leaders and directors of their companies
  • Increase to the bottom line — there is every reason to expect the student to more than just 'earn their keep' during the placement — many have made real contribution to the bottom line
  • Development opportunities for existing staff whilst supporting the student and CfLP in delivery of shadowing, mentoring, coaching, project planning etc.
  • Increasing staff retention by employing local people
  • Available to all sectors

Benefits to students:

  • Real experience of companies and career opportunities in Cumbria
  • Training and development in leadership and management skills giving a competitive edge
  • A deep understanding of the power of leadership to effect real change in the workplace and communities
  • An aspiration and confidence to be a leader of the future
  • Well-developed soft skills and workplace behaviours increasing employability prospects
  • Opportunity to get their feet on the first rungs of their career ladder
  • Possibility of establishing longer-term relationship with the host company leading to university sponsorship and/or permanent employment
  • Paid — so accessible to all
  • Available in all sectors
  • Don't have to be at university or intending to go to university


Below is an example programme and timings for Learn to Lead:

Title What When
Applications CfLP process/triage the applications and give to companies November /
December 2017
Interviews Company interviews a shortlist of 2 or 3, decides on candidate and informs them by end of January 2018 December 2017 /
January 2018
Programme Induction Day
Summer School
Day Workshop 1
Day Workshop 2
Day Workshop 3
Day Workshop 4
Showcase Event
Monday August 27, 2018
Tuesday August 28 to
Friday September 28, 2018
November 2018
January 2019
March 2019
May 2019
July 2019
Mentors Students are assigned an individual mentor Throughout programme
Prizes Prizes available for:
Student making most outstanding contribution
Student solving a technical problem
Student making the most of the year
Other categories can be agreed
Presented at Showcase Event
Certificates All participants who complete the year get a certificate Presented at Showcase Event
Project Companies are encouraged to give students a specific project on which to spend 50% of their time in the second half of the programme Second half of programme


Prices vary depending on circumstances. Please contact us to discuss your requirements on 01900 824 822 or by emailing info@cforlp.org.uk.

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If you would like more information on this programme, please email info@cforlp.org.uk or phone 01900 824 822 and a team member will be in touch.

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