Manager as Coach

Programme Overview

One of the most single and important competencies that separates an average manager from a highly effective manager is their ability to coach. A manager who can coach helps team members to make the link between their own beliefs, motivation and performance and progress at work. A coaching approach empowers and enables members of a project team to understand that the solution to most of the barriers to project performance lie within their own behaviours, beliefs and practices. The Manager as Coach programme develops core coaching competences necessary to successfully lead high performing project teams.

The programme will be flexed to suit middle to senior managers as appropriate to the learner group.

Programme Objectives

Participants will:

  • Understand the benefits of coaching conversations as an effective project team management tool
  • Learn and embed core coaching skills — listening, reflecting, summarising, appreciating and questioning
  • Understand and practice the SCORE and GROW models for conversational coaching
  • Understand and practice deep questioning — getting to the underlying issue or concern
  • Learn the values that drive people's motivation and procrastination and discover how to handle value based conflicts
  • Build self-confidence as an effective people manager
  • Learn how to handle emotions with empathy and understanding
  • Learn tools and tips for changing emotional states and building resilience in self and others

Programme Outcomes

Participants will be able to:

  • Build and lead more effective, stronger teams that demonstrate higher levels of trust and commitment
  • Coach direct reports to solve problems and increase personal efficacy and performance
  • Use 'coaching conversations' as an effective day to day management tool
  • Increase morale and satisfaction of direct reports through demonstrating higher levels of emotional intelligence that the manager as coach relationship brings
  • Access peer coaches to offer ongoing support and practice as part of the programme

Programme Structure

Session Outcome Format

Pre-programme 360 exercise (optional)

Capture feedback on participant's management approach from direct reports, peers and managers

Prior to the training, participants will be tasked to gather feedback in the form of a 360 exercise

Coaching: concepts, tools and skills development

Participants understand coaching and have practiced all the elements that make a good coaching conversation

Introduction to coaching models and concepts

If appropriate to the individual, opportunity for supported and safe sharing of 360 feedback / other insights into own management practice

Followed by practice coaching conversations in pairs

Coaching action plan & personal goals

Formulation of coaching action plan for a) self and b) team c) coaching partner

Working in pairs, action plans are developed and shared in confidence with facilitator and coaching partner

Peer led coaching programme

To consolidate and practice coaching skills learned on the programme. Receive ongoing personal coaching and have the opportunity to discuss how the application of a coaching approach is going with likeminded, similarly trained peers

Within 3 months after the end of the programme and working in pairs — participants will undertake 2-4 peer based coaching sessions

3 months post taught elements — confidential feedback to be gathered from participants with pathways to further learning and support and next steps identified

Assessment / Accreditation

Programme can be accredited by ILM and CMI.


£3,000 (+VAT).

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