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For supervisors, managers and team leaders, this workshop is about:

  • Extending your range of skills for managing and developing others
  • Increasing your ability to deal with the day to day issues, so that you can prevent problems
  • Learning how to identify what motivates different people, what demotivates them and how to create productive relationships
  • Developing methods for building your apprentices' confidence, so they maximise their skills and potential
  • Learning how people in other organisations deal with their training and development issues
  • Identifying how different individuals like to be challenged and supported

The ways in which the business benefits:

  • Your apprentices are more motivated which has a positive effect on the rate of retention
  • Apprentices will be making an active contribution to the business far more quickly
  • Increasing the confidence, accountability and 'work readiness' in the apprentices
  • Raising the level of managerial, coaching and mentoring skills in your employees
  • The workplace becomes a happier and less stressful environment for everyone

Workshop Content

There are three elements making up the day:

  • The tools and techniques of mentoring
  • A method for understanding motivation
  • Giving and receiving feedback

The mentoring session will focus on:

  • What is a mentor and what do they do.
  • How you can incorporate mentoring into your culture and daily work patterns
  • The skills for mentoring

Understanding motivation is about:

  • Learning what makes different people motivated
  • Understanding how our own ways of thinking will help or hinder how we work with others
  • Getting your message across in a way that is engaging and inspiring

Giving and receiving feedback is about:

  • Developing the skills and confidence to structure feedback conversations
  • Creating a way of providing feedback so that apprentices feel valued and motivated whilst learning
  • How to receive feedback constructively

The Process

The workshop is a great opportunity to look at how you and your company currently manage the process of mentoring and what the possibilities are for the future.

You will be focusing on the real issues you have at work and finding ways to resolve them through learning different approaches and skills. As you'll be working alongside people from different companies, you'll gain fresh perspectives of how to resolve situations as well as hearing how other businesses function.

Questions & Answers


How specific is the course to apprenticeships rather than more general line management / mentoring of more junior staff?


The workshop provides a range of generic tools and techniques for every aspect of managing and supervising people in any role, at any stage of development. The day focuses specifically on how to apply this learning to the process of mentoring. Each delegate will decide how they want to use what they learn during the day and will be actively working on how to apply it to their own work context.

Before the workshop, we contact everyone to find out what their role is and what they want from the day so as to provide a framework for them to meet their own outcomes.


£150 per delegate (+VAT)

NSAN members: If your attendee is an apprentice, or has completed an apprenticeship in the last 2 years, you may be eligible for SCAN Bursary funding. Why not get in touch with your local NSAN representative to find out more?

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Delivered by an NSA Nuclear Employer Nominated training provider who is experienced in supporting managers working with apprentices and familiar with the nuclear industry — The Centre for Leadership Performance