Provider Testimonials

The Centre for Leadership Performance works with a range of both local and international training providers, specialists, and academics, to bring the best of the market to the local community via collaboration.

This is what some of our providers say...

' Working with the Centre for Leadership Performance has a positive impact on the sustainability of the local business community. Designing and delivering training in response to the needs identified by the Centre for Leadership Performance has created growth for my business and at the same time has enhanced my knowledge of local business needs, which I can then use to support the growth of other local businesses. '

' I have found working with the Centre for Leadership Performance to be a positive and beneficial partnership, their approach is professional and pragmatic, seeking to deliver workshops and short courses that are fit for purpose and value for money. '

' Delegates appreciate the opportunity to participate in professional development in their locality. Both large and small organisations benefit from the knowledge and skills brought together by the Centre for Leadership Performance, larger organisations are pleased that they do not need to travel outside the county and smaller organisations access expertise they would find it difficult to procure in their own right. '

Catherine Eve, Core Training UKCore Training

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