Young Leadership

The Centre for Leadership Performance nurtures the next generation of Cumbria's leaders through engagement with business and by demonstrating to young people of all ages how exciting and rewarding careers in Cumbrian businesses can be — giving them a new vision of their future.

Bright Stars (Pre-16 years old)

The Bright Stars challenge is a competition aimed at primary school children across Cumbria and the idea of the challenge is to engage children with leadership and entrepreneurship, at a very young age, in an accessible and fun way whilst inspiring and helping kids develop, nurture and preserve their own creative confidence.

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Dream Placement (16-18 years old)

Dream Placement is all about creating aspirations and developing Cumbria's highest potential sixth formers into tomorrow's leaders. Candidates build their confidence and skills as well as experiencing how companies and their leaders operate. This ultimately helps them to set their own career aspirations for the future.

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Learn to Lead (18-19 years old)

CfLP has expanded on the success of the Dream Placement programme by developing a Learn to Lead programme (a 1 year placement for local 18-19 year olds). Building on the leadership theme of Dream Placement, where the students undergo leadership and personal development before placement, the Learn to Lead programme grows the leadership and soft skills of young people throughout the year-long programme with a series of development and support activities.

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